After losing photos-scanner problems-&lost files!

  Stressed Mum 10:29 13 Sep 2007

Gosh where to srat. After having huge problems trying to find some lost photos (which I still haven't found) I now have a scanner problem. Scanner worked fine one day - the next just blank pages. Epson tell me the Scanner head has gone (?) Not convinced. Tried to reinstall several times - even downloading drivers rather than using CD. But no fix! also, I have a software programme that I installed during the photo recovery time called WInRar - cannot remove this at all as message says Cannot open List file. One a couple of occasions I have also seen a similar message when trying to use the scanner saying that they cannot fine files and to reinstall software! SO - what I have done is remove all Epson software - (ready for new scanner arriving tomorrow) and just wanted to tidy up a bit so now need to remove this WINrar but am concerned about this lost file message. Incidentally, my 'Recieved Foler' has upon thousands of files that were recovered from a digital recovery programme which I have no use of now - so how should I remove them? I have done a system restore but it will only take me back to 8th September - that's not far back enough! ooooh bloomin thing - I only want to copy a few school documents and this is what I get.... cameras, scanners and Mums don't always mix well with school kids! Look forward to some advice in simple language! Thanks. SM :(

  recap 12:53 13 Sep 2007

Firstly Stressed Mum, I would tend to go with Epsons assessment of your scanner, of which by the sounds of it you have accepted by buying a new one.

to search for the photos go to Search and type in the following: .jpg* Once that search has finished and you have restored those, do anothere search for: .bmp* and do the same with the results.

To uninstall hard to remove software download and run Ccleaner,click here for the download from FileHippo link. Open Ccleaner and open the Tools menu to unistall the software.

Hope that is of some help?

  Stressed Mum 13:39 13 Sep 2007

Thanks for that advice. Already used a software to recover lost photos - got thousands of them but not the ones I wanted! These are currently in my Received Folder - not sure what to do with them... Have run CCleaner already - it lists the WINrar software but is unable to remove it as it also says 'cannot open list file Uninstall. lst' - so haven't got a clue what that's all about.

  Technotiger 15:00 13 Sep 2007

If the photos you do Not want are all that is in the Received Folder - highlight the folder then right-click and choose Delete, this should delete folder and contents. Restart your computer and a new empty Received Folder will be created automatically.

  skidzy 19:20 13 Sep 2007


If you are still trying to remove Winrar boot into safemode and try again.

Im guessing you cannot remove Winrar while in windows because the program is in use.Therefore booting into safemode should enable you to remove the program.

Alternatively,try using Unlocker click here

Myuninstaller click here

  Stressed Mum 19:54 13 Sep 2007

safemode sounds familiar - think I've had to use that before - can you remind me please - is it start,run,safemode / something?

  brundle 21:42 13 Sep 2007

Just re-install Winrar and uninstall. Reinstalling will replace the missing file. click here

  Stressed Mum 22:12 13 Sep 2007

**Fantastic** Thanks brundle - that's just the ticket - worked wonders. easy when you know how!... Now, going back to all these recovered photos that I have in my received file that Digital Recovery kindly found for me - up to about 96,000 of them! Some of these are photos that I have NEVER seen before, some are RIFF files, GIF,BMP,AVI,JGP,PNG,TIF, I have absolutely no idea where they came from - other than the ones I downloaded myself of course. I would like to get rid of these altogether so that they cannot be found again by anyone (particularly my children!)... can that be done? I certainly can't go through them one by one on thumbnails to check them out - I guess if they were deleted in the first place then they are no longer needed. I have since discovered that the photos that I lost were actually on the camera photos card, but this has now been overwritten. So searching through this received file would take forever and a day and I wouldn't/haven't found what I was looking for! Is there any way you can do a complete clean up? I bet there isn't! Tried to do similar on my mum's laptop a few weeks back and that wasn't at all successful. I have just purchased and downloaded Uniblue- says it has cleaned up and fixed over 400 problems - not sure whether that's really the case - but it was suggested to me earlier in this thread. Any other ideas would be greatly appreciated. thanks. SM :)

  skidzy 22:20 13 Sep 2007

SM you could try selecting the folder that the photo's are containing in,then hold shift and press delete,this will ask if you wish to permantly want to delete the folder and its yes.

If the photos are singular,just hold down shift and use your cursor to highlight them all and press delete,again it will ask you if you wish to permantly want to delete these.

But do remember unless you wipe the drive,it is possible to find the photos as you have done before with recovery software.

The true and only real effective way to rid the system of these photos is to reformat with a fresh install of windows.

  beeuuem 01:29 14 Sep 2007

To prevent the photos from being recovered in future download Eraser from click here
When you have installed the programme open My Computer, right click on the drive with the photos. In the menu that opens select 'erase unused space'. The options button will allow you to select the degree of erasure you want. Click 'OK' and wait.
After the programme has run try to recover the photos. You will find all trace of them has been removed.

  Stressed Mum 09:45 14 Sep 2007

Beeuuem – thank you! I have just download Eraser and had a quick look at the program. I think the way you suggested using it is by far the easiest – right click and erase. I wouldn’t even have to open the program to do that or set up schedule, drag/copy etc. So thank you for that. Really really helpful. Just wanted to ask another couple of questions though if I may – I take it that Eraser can only overwrite files that have been deleted – then emptied from Recycle bin? What about files (photos, music, videos) that have just appeared from nowhere (apparently!!) – will they go too?

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