After holiday shutdown computer wont boot up

  alltime 12:19 18 Sep 2005

Hi Guys, Just come back from holls turned the computer on and it wont boot up, Switched it on and off a few times, but all i get is the green AND the orange light on as though the hard drive is stuck, and the monitor wont come out of power saving mode. Any suggestions would be appreciated please.

  Forum Editor 12:35 18 Sep 2005

If it's getting on a bit there's a possibility that the CMOS battery is nearing the end of its life, and has lost its charge over the holiday period. If that's the case the computer will just sit there, and will not boot.

  alltime 12:39 18 Sep 2005

Its only about twelve months old self build and has been working perfectly, Your right its just sat there, Do i remove the battery, and if so what r the consequences.

  ICF 12:58 18 Sep 2005

It will just reset a your Cmos to default settings.You will have to enter your Bios to tweak your setting like you did when you first set up your computer.

  ICF 12:59 18 Sep 2005

Forgot to say obviously you will have to get a new battery.

  alltime 13:21 18 Sep 2005

Have removed the battery and tested it with the meter, its giving me 3.25v as there is no voltage reading on the battery any idea what it should be?

  alltime 13:35 18 Sep 2005

The battery is a CR2032 3v so its ok, have cleaned the terminals etc, removed the graphics card and reseated, removed the memory and reseated, but still the same (green and orange light on and no beep)My mobo is an Asus P4P800-E D/L. Running XP Home, Any other suggestions please.

  Diemmess 13:39 18 Sep 2005

There will be a reference (Type) number on the battery Google will give you the rest.

Try and avoid handling the battery with naked fingers, (for the battery's sake) and make sure there is a good contact and clean surfaces.

I wish I shared FE's optimism about the cause of the trouble, was the computer switched off at the wall (a rogue power spike)?

  Dorsai 13:47 18 Sep 2005

I would try removing the ram, disconnecting all drives, and remove all expansion cards, bar the GFX card.

Then see if it will POST. It clearly wont be able to boot with no extended memory, and no hard disk, but if it does manage to POST, you at least have some indication that there is life of sorts in it.

Tthen add one item at a time back in, and reboot after each item is added. Hopefully this will enable you to find the item that's causing it to hang.

I would start with ram, then HDD, then optical drives, and finally add back any other cards, again one at a time.

Just what I would do if it were my PC.

  Forum Editor 13:47 18 Sep 2005

it obviously isn't the only one.

Diemmess's suggestion of a power spike is another. You're seeing lights on the PC, so there is power from the PSU, although the motherboard could have recived an over-voltage that would cook a few components. Is the main PSU fan running?

  igk 13:51 18 Sep 2005

This seems to be happening quite a lot:
click here

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