AdwCleaner - why does it not feature in Programmes?

  john bunyan 15:50 18 Apr 2014

I have W7, 64 bit with Avira as a/v. I also have Spywareblaster, Superantispyware and Free Malawarebytes v

Following a recommendation on here, I recently downloaded AdwCleaner; it found a couple of items, including Mobogeinie.

The programme launches not from a usual desktop icon but from an .exe file on the desktop. I could not see the Programme in my "Programmes and features" in control panel, nor in the CCleaner list of installed programmes. It did, however appear in Programme files(x86) as a folder. Looking through the folder there were several "Mobogienie"sub folders. I decided to uninstall it, but could not find it via Revo uninstaller, but did do so by launching the programme and using its uninstall facility.

Is this a good programme; why does it not appear in Control panel Programmes? Mobogienie - is it safe? Any comments from users of AdwCleaner would be welcome. Does it find things the others do not?

  alanrwood 16:16 18 Apr 2014

ADWCleaner is not a bad program. It does not put a shortcut in your menu because it is not a program that needs to be installed. As you noticed you just need to double click on it to start it. If you really want a shortcut then create a folder in Programs called ADWCleaner and copy the file into it. Then on the desktop right click a space and select "New/Shortcut. Fill out the location you created for the exe file and next then type a name for the shortcut. Finish and you will have an icon on the desktop which you can drag into the Start Menu.

I stopped using it because it does not do updates, you have to download the latest version each time so it's OK for the occasional check.

  spuds 16:43 18 Apr 2014

ADWCleaner is one of those programmes that like to hide itself away, and that is why you will not find it listed.

Go to Computer, then Downloads and you should find ADWCleaner hidden there. Simply click on the download logo, and the programme should activate!.

ADWCleaner is fairly good at finding things, including PUPS, but sometimes i have found, even that programme as problems in removing some stubborn infections.

  rdave13 17:23 18 Apr 2014

Same as alanrwood, download and run. Once finished with then delete. You will need to re-download for the latest version if needed again. I can't remember the name of it now but there was a similar free av that you could run from a flash drive, again it was only updated on downloading. Ran from an .exe file same as ADW.

  john bunyan 17:46 18 Apr 2014

Thanks for all replies. Will run it occasionally.

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