Adware. tracking cookies, malware or not?

  Snrub 14:03 01 Jul 2012

I have just ran Malwarebytes which shows 0 infections and Superantispy ware which shows 76 infections relating to Adware. tracking cookies. It recommends quaranteening them and rebooting computer. Past experience shows they soon reappear by next scan. I also run Do Not Track Plus which shows it blocks tracking cookies. So the question is I thought tracking cookies were normal so why does Superantispyware regard them as a risk and why doesn't the quarateening work? Additionally, is it best just to leave them and let Do Not Track Plus block them?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 14:56 01 Jul 2012

How paranoid are you? :0)

They will appear each time you visit the relevant site.

I use CCleaner at the end of each session to remove all cookies (except this site) and all temp internet files

  rdave13 15:25 01 Jul 2012

I also run DNT+ and SAS pro. It's unusual now for SAS to ask for a reboot with deleting cookies for me but when it does I reboot.

  Snrub 16:52 01 Jul 2012

Fruit Bat /\0/\

Very :0)

Forgot to mention also use CCleaner at the end of each session to remove all cookies and all temp internet files.

  Forum Editor 17:24 01 Jul 2012

I'm often surprised when I discover how often some people clear out cookies and temporary Internet files. I do this job about once every couple of weeks.

  ams4127 17:29 01 Jul 2012

I do it even less frequently. Probably once a year or so.

Never had any computer problems.

  rdave13 17:35 01 Jul 2012

Since running an SSD I've moved IE9's temp folder to my data drive. To save on read/write etc. Un-hiding protected OS files shows that the junk the browser collects, even after a few days is quite a lot.

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