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  Press Man 13:28 29 Nov 2006

Hi Guys,

Is there a "general rule" on how many adware/spyware programmes with real time protection you can have running at the same time? Would there be conflict between, lets say, Spysweeper and AVG Anti Spyware for instance, or Windows Defender and Spysweeper? Your views on this would be appreciated.
Thanks in advance.

  Technotiger 13:32 29 Nov 2006

As far as I am aware you can have as many as you wish - apart from Anti-virus progams, only one of these, otherwise they clash.


  birdface 15:35 29 Nov 2006

Windows defender should be working all the time if in start up list, AVG Anti-Spyware I just run when I think it is required,I also Have Spyware Doctor ,I run that about once a month . Dont have any problems with any of them, Bit iffy about Windows defender Not 100% sure that I need it,

  Press Man 17:13 29 Nov 2006


"iffy" about Windows Defender, why, not capable or possible conflict?

  birdface 17:26 29 Nov 2006

None of those ,For all the time I have had it , it has not picked up a single problem, So therefore dont know if I acctually need it,

  GANDALF <|:-)> 18:14 29 Nov 2006

Just Windows Defender and AVG AV for me. Never had an infection in 4 years.


  ACOLYTE 18:20 29 Nov 2006

I think the amount you need depends on your surfing habits,that said there is nothing to stop you having more than one spy ware app installed at any one time,i have about 6 installed and to be honest i never use them unless i get a problem,i just keep them updated and ready to use.There isnt many that have realtime protection unless you pay for it so the free ones you can have as many or as few as you like.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 18:42 29 Nov 2006

'There isnt many that have realtime protection unless you pay for it'...AVG Antispy and Windows Defender are just two free ones.


  Procrastinus 21:35 29 Nov 2006

The golden rule: one firewall, one antivirus and as many antispyware as you wish. None seem to do a really thorough job, they seem to work on the principle that if the left hand don't get you, the right one will! I run AdAware, Spybot, SuperAntiSpyware, ASquared,CW Shredder and SpywareBlaster. Perhaps I'm just paranoid, but one does pick up infections that others miss. There you go - you pays your money....or not, as they are all free!! Have fun - life's too short!!

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