advpack.exe.jc! ---- ? ?

  kimjhon 01:20 08 May 2003

Does anyone know what this file might be,please.

advpack.exe.jc! ( the ! is part of the extension)

Found it in C:/Windows /Application Data in Win98SE.

Google and the site for file extensions show nothing.

  DieSse 01:50 08 May 2003

advpack.exe is the MS critical component installer. As far as I can see the jc! has no meaning at all but double extensions are often found in virus/worm/trojan files.

So I suggest at least you do perhaps a number of scans with your AV program with the latest updates, and one or more on-line scans, just to be on the safe side.

  kimjhon 02:02 08 May 2003

Thanks DieSse
Had scanned it with Norton but ref file 3 weeks old. Will d/load updates.
Better get it out of the bin. Sounds important.
Knowing about double extensions is what worried me.
Will try online checker also.
But why a number of scans, DieSse ?

  kimjhon 02:21 08 May 2003

Re advpack.exe.jc!

If there is no evidence it is a virus I was thinking I should still delete it and then try to extract it from the Windows CD.

Would this be OK and is it in the right place? I found the advpack.dll in Windows/System

  DieSse 02:21 08 May 2003

Sorry - didn't mean more than one with the same thing, just a number of different ones. try click here (free download for 25 days) too. Use it with the deepest value of heurustic scanning - it's particularly consistent at picking up all knowm viruses.

  kimjhon 02:47 08 May 2003

Me who should be sorry, DieSse.
I was a bit thick, there.

Scanned H/D with updated Norton,now.
Am a bit worried about having two anti-virus apps.
installed. Heard they can cause probs with opp. system. What do you think ?

  DieSse 12:13 08 May 2003

Yes - you're quite right - you shouldn't have two at once - but for a test it may be acceptable.

Otherwise - try isolating the suspect file by moving it to it's own folder that won't be accessed - and just see if everything runs OK.

  Confab 12:20 08 May 2003

Have you used this?

click here!


  Confab 12:22 08 May 2003

Sory you need to click the "click here" and put jc! in the file extension bit

  Gaz 25 13:15 08 May 2003

extensions, even with known file extensions set to unhide.

  kimjhon 00:15 09 May 2003

Have already looked there,Amber-Shortie. Thanks very much, anyway.

DieSse, have now run on-line virus scan Trend Micro.

The file seems to have taken the place of MS Critical update executive. But I dont think I need to run that again for 98SE. So I shall put it in a folder, as you suggest, just in case I forget and run Critical update again and naughty things happen.

Funny thing is. Last time I went for Update I tried to d/load a security patch for Win Media Player. Had to abort because Windows tried to d/load 12MB of Win Media ver 9.
Know what you're thinking, but I tried 4 times and I'm sure i was doing everything OK.
I dont suppose it could be some sort of tag windows has put on it?

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