advise please with mailwasher Pro 4.1 version

  end 12:19 11 Jul 2004

win 98 se IE6 on here (and broadband)
recently installed mailwasher pro4.1
have web based e mail at click here

when I get mailwasher to run the check on the server it is not"picking up" the spam e mail ; have just "run " it this moring having been TO my server and I KNOW for a FACT that there IS a spam message there;but mailwasher is not "showing" that message in the list of messages on my server.

also; in my version, seemingly, i have to "Process" my mail by " downloading " it into Outlook express, thus, (presumably ?)"shifting it" OFF the server (I do leave copy ON my server); BUT, I do not want TO use OE FOR my mail.

how am I to delete my spam messages WITHOUT openign OE, AND how to I get Mailwasher to "recoginise" the spam messages ;it is not "reading" the address at all ;
it seems "happy" with the addresses I have aleady "ticked" as "legitimate" by "ticking" the envelope; I presume I do NOT "tick" the dustbin tha tis to the left OF the envelope in my version (have no idea actually what "ticking" the dustbin will do!!)

??does that all make sense..or as "clear as mud"....
I may be"away" from this thread for a while but will catch up with any relpies ASAP
and thanks in anicipation of any input from the floor.....

(and talkgas is "web-based" e mail .....)
if someone feels that mailwasher is not "right" FOR MY particualr system, I am "open to suggestions"...(!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

(i.e. it is not "reading" ALL the addresses ON my server , and I am wondering WHY.......(because I KNOW that that "message "is THERE, but according to Mailwasher it is NOT))

I ahve put the "speed of the read" down to slow to make it more accurate, but with little effect.


  stalion 13:47 11 Jul 2004

do you really need the version you have? why not uninstall it and use this free version,
I have no problems with it
click here

  end 21:50 11 Jul 2004

the version I have is, as far as I know ,"free".....
so are you saying that I hve actually got the wrong version OF it on here???? or what???? I said,,I am "open to suggestions".....

  stalion 21:57 11 Jul 2004

no I am not saying you have the wrong version but the version I have posted does the job and you may not have the same problems with it

  end 22:00 11 Jul 2004

this gets weirder!!!;; the mailwasher" recognised" two "spam adresses" when I started it u just now; then they have "vanished " FROM mailwasher, BUT are still on my server, ,and when I rerun mailwasher, they are not this weird or is thsi weird???!!!!! BUT they are still on my server.......bcasue I have just manually checked it......

  end 22:09 11 Jul 2004

so ...(am I going to regret asking this...???)
??/can I install the other veriosn OVER the one I already HAVE you lot know otherwise.....????

  beeuuem 22:11 11 Jul 2004

Open Mailwasher go to 'Spam Tools' > Open 'First Alert' on left of panel.

Check the 'Display the mail'in the action when mail is known to be spam panel.

  VoG II 22:13 11 Jul 2004

No - go to Control Panel, Add or Remove Programs and take off the version that you have. Then install the version that stalion pointed you to.

mea culpa - this is all my fault, I know :o(. At least if you get that version we shall be talking the same language.

  end 22:19 11 Jul 2004

hey...peoples...lets not "fight over the WASHING" of ALL things!!!!!!!

I think this is a "job" for when I am not as tired and "full of cold" as I "m at present ......(so probably later this week judging by the "feud" that is " developing" very nicely at work ( over which I spent five hours on the phone today at work ))

and vog; which "language" would that b????? I "know a few"".....

  VoG II 22:28 11 Jul 2004


  end 22:36 11 Jul 2004


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