Advise needed for purchase of gaming PC Budget £500-£600

  RumHam 17:33 16 Apr 2014

Hello all you clever people. I have a little challenge for you all.

My knowledge of computers is pretty basic so please keep that in mind when answering.

So I've been considering buying a gaming pc for such a long time now and I've finally got a little spare money to do it (budget £500-£600). I began researching online to try figure out what was the best I could get for my money but left feeling more unsure than when I started. Therefore I thought I'd ask some people who actually have some experience/knowledge.

What I want: Primarly a gaming pc that can run the lastest titles without any major issues although I also play a lot of less demanding games too. I am prepared to sacrafice a little graphic capability for preformance if nessecary. It would also be a bonus if I could do a little video editing on the machine, although this is less important.

I am prepared to build it from scratch if there is a noticable difference in what my money can buy compared to a prebuilt/build-your-own deal however if there isin't much difference then I'd prefer to have it built for me.

So that's the challenge, the budgets £500-600 but i'm willing to go up slightly above that if it's worth it. Thanks in advance to anyone who offers advise.

Sincerly, Rumham.

  RumHam 17:35 16 Apr 2014

P.S. if you think £500-600 is just not worth investing in a gaming pc just be honest and let me know. :)

  martd7 20:18 16 Apr 2014

Does your budget include a monitor? What type of games are you thinking of playing?

  RumHam 08:27 17 Apr 2014

The budget is excluding monitor, keyboard, mouse and speakers.

Well I'm a big advocate of steam and humblebundle so games you find on those sites. To give some examples saints row IV, borderlands 2, rome total war 2, the new civilization game when once it's released (so excited!), the batman arkham games.

I hope that helps! Sorry if I'm being vague at all.

  Frozensin 21:39 18 Apr 2014

If you want intel then this is proberly the best one. It has good RAM, good processor and the graphics arnt too bad.

If you want AMD FX or something like that then this is probably the best for you. This has eigth cores and is very powerful, 16GB RAM which is more than enough for any game at the moment, and the graphics card is pretty good too. Here is a good website to compare graphics cards.

Here are a few other options you might like :

VIBOX Sharp Shooter Package

VIBOX Warrior 4

PS: I know all my links are from VIBOX but they are very good PC's for people on a budget. Enjoy!!!

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