advise on my site

  steven_frost 10:59 07 Jun 2003

I'm working on a web site for herne bay carnival i own the domain but before i upload it on to the server so i thought i would user my bt one as a test base to get some responces from other users it's not yet complete but would like to hear the views of what others think of it. so any advice would be great

  The Paul 11:09 07 Jun 2003

Hi Steven. What is the URL for your test site. I tried hernebaycarnival in a search but got nothing!

  steven_frost 11:24 07 Jun 2003

click here here (sorry)

  The Paul 11:35 07 Jun 2003

I think its quite good. Understand that I'm not a techie nor an HTML buff. I use Dreamweaver MX which (for the most part) does everything for me without having to understand the HTML Codes.

From a viewers position the only comment I'd make is that perhaps the background colour could be a bit less dull/flat, although the text stands out well and is easy to read.

I'd say well done.


  steven_frost 11:40 07 Jun 2003

i want the site to attracted people but not to be to slow for dial up users so any advice at this stage is good

  Forum Editor 13:10 07 Jun 2003

is that the site doesn't have any kind of carnival atmosphere - which I would have thought was a prerequisite for a successful carnival site. It would be pretty easy to achieve in FP, so come back here is you need more help with that.

I can see that the site is in its early stages, but you should be aware that the text is sprinkled with spelling, punctuation and grammatical errors, and you'll need to address this before you go live on the domain. I can help you out with this if you get stuck - just ask.

I assume you'll be putting some carnival-type images on the site? They'll brighten it up and keep the visitors interested. You don't need images of a previous Herne Bay carnival - although that would be good. Generic ones will do.

In your list of other carnival dates you don't need to repeat the word 'carnival' after each one. It would be better to head the page:

Forthcoming Carnival dates

and then just list the towns and dates. Do it with bullets.

So you would have:

* Canterbury - 14th June 2003

* Sittingbourne - 28th June

and so on.

Use a different font colour to highlight certain elements of the site - for instance, with your present colour scheme the navigation button text would look better in say, a creamy yellow. Experiment with colour, but try to avoid the 'explosion in a paint factory' effect.

Having said that, the one site which could use a bit more colour than most is a carnival one, so give it some thought.

Any site that features an event always benefits from a map showing visitors how to get there, where to park etc., so think about that, and try to include a menu of attractions, so people get an idea of what to expect.

  steven_frost 13:24 07 Jun 2003

Thanks for what you've said as i've said it is only in the creation stage of things so advise on anything is good to hear the spelling etc will be reviewed soon.

I viewed a few local carnival web sites which seemed to come with all singing and all dancing things which while trying to make this a good site i wanted it to be ok with dial up users.

thanks for the advice on the map bit didn't think of that in fact it would be great to put on their

how do i put a carnival atmosphere on with front page i've been ropped into doing this as my chairman found out i'd used to do desktop support and stupid me said yes so your word of wisdom would be great on this and thanks again for all the help

  steven_frost 14:38 07 Jun 2003

Question how do i change the colours and for it to work thourghout the whole site

  Forum Editor 17:44 07 Jun 2003

of getting a uniform look in FrontPage is to use one of the many themes. You can have a look at them if you click on 'Format' and select 'themes'. Select your theme and apply it - making sure to choose the option to apply the theme to every page in the site.

Make sure that you've added all your pages to the navigation view in FrontPage as well. The best way to do this is to make sure you have the folder view panel on the left of your screen (on the toolbar select 'view' and 'folders'). Then go to view and select 'navigation'.

Drag each page from your folder view to the navigation page - you'll see FP making a link line to your homepage. Drop the pages so that they are all in a horizontal line - each one linked back to the homepage.

Once you have applied your theme you can customise it to suit your taste. Perhaps you could use some clipart on the pages to give a carnival atmosphere - run a search in the clipart using the word 'carnival' and see what comes up.

  steven_frost 18:56 08 Jun 2003

ok i've changed the theme to the site click here here to review the changes and let me know what you all think

  Taran 19:52 08 Jun 2003

Looks fine.

You're certainly on the right track.

One question for you; what is "the court" that you refer to in the first paragraph of your home page ?

This is the kind of thing you will get from your visitors; they want to know what things are even though you may take it for granted that everything on your site is downright obvious.

Well done though, for barking up the right tree...

I look forward to seeing it all go live.

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