advise for a fool (me) re internet phones

  jonostar 17:09 05 Jan 2007

my mum has now got broadband in the sunny climes of cyprus, although a tad jealous of her situation i would like to eb able to chat to her using these internet phones thingys ive heard about,, (about anything apart from the weather..)
whats the cheapest, easiewst way to set up this. many thanks for any info

a cold craig.........x

  GANDALF <|:-)> 17:38 05 Jan 2007

Windows messenger has talk and video and is free;-))


  mymate 17:41 05 Jan 2007

Isnt there some internet phones that are usb ones are they all the same.I thought i read somewhere that the usb phones are much better .

  bigtrev 18:10 05 Jan 2007

Why don't you and your mum download skype and you can talk to each other free. All you need is a mic or even get a web cam to use with skype and see each other while you chat.

  Technotiger 18:17 05 Jan 2007

I use this to see/talk to my son, he lives in Lanzarote. Also to friends in UK and USA.

  Technotiger 18:18 05 Jan 2007

click here

Sorry about previous one ...

  Technotiger 18:20 05 Jan 2007

PS - as long as you both have Skype, a microphone and a webcam (the last is not essential) all calls are Free!!

  jonostar 00:11 06 Jan 2007

thanks for help everybods,, i just had an impression that i cud leave a phone plugged into my computer and it would ring as a normal lasndline phone wud? i will check the kinks , thanks guys any additional info is still appreciated..



  Forum Editor 00:22 06 Jan 2007

get your mother to download the software and buy a Skype phone, and you do the same - the phones are cheap.

Then, when you call your mother her Skype phone will ring, and you can chat away via the internet for nothing. The same thing will happen when she calls you.

The phones will ring whenever the computers are switched on, and a call comes in.

  jonostar 15:42 09 Jan 2007

thanks evryone!!!!!!!!

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