advise on file sizes please (kb&mb)

  end 18:49 14 May 2004

I have a saved file of at present 889kb and a floppy disc with space of 1.44mb; I know I am thick on this kb and mb size thing, but can someone tell me if the file will fit on the floppy and how much more room the floppy has for the file to expand,(as it WILL with stuff being added to it)( and no, I do NOT hav a cd writer YET (still"working " on THAT one!!!)) ; perhaps someone can post the "quantities" of the sizing ( ie how much "fits into how much"(sorry, but I do have HUGE "problems" grasping kb, mb, etc)...thanks

  VoG II 18:54 14 May 2004

1 MB = 1024 KB (I think, something like that anyway).

So your 889 KB file will fit and you'll have 585 KB left.

  Curio 18:57 14 May 2004

1.44mb = 1440kb.
You should be able to save a further approx 500kb of info. If you want to squeeze more on to the one floppy, you will haveto compress it using Winzip or similar.

  johnnyrocker 18:57 14 May 2004

think of millions and thousands might be easier.


  end 19:05 14 May 2004

ok; so at which end OF the "scale" do the tens start ; as far as I know there are kb, mb , gb; what are they all and where do they" fit" into the scheme( am having real problems grasping this....hense the request for a "plain listing " with "how much " each bit is....)"tens", hundreds, thousands I GRASP and where they relate to each other, do the kb, and the rest fo the "family" "fit" with each other (is that s "clear as mud??)...

  VoG II 19:08 14 May 2004

1024 bytes = 1 KB (kilo byte)

1024 KB = 1 MB (mega byte)

1024 MB = 1 GB (giga byte)

1024 GB = 1 TB (tera byte)

  Wilham 19:31 14 May 2004

I see some unfortunate errors already, and it adds to the confusion.

Upper or lower case is important.
Small b is a bit, whereas capital (=upper case) B is a byte. Usually 8b=1B, an exception was once with an IBM byte which carried an extra parity bit (to do with error checking, now obsolete).
Small m is milli or one thousandth, capital M is mega equal to one million.
Small k is 1000, common to see it capital, but SI uses lower case to leave K for kelvin.

Hope this helps.

  Pesala 20:19 14 May 2004

Not a bit (~_~)

Vog℠ got it right.

  end 22:49 14 May 2004

so ???how "big" is a "byte"( and I FEEL like saying "the size of my mouth(although THAT can be "interpreted" in more ways than one!!!)) the "basic unit" a byte...9 ???how mny "characters" make a byte(sorry, but one iS "thick "where this is oncerned ( am far more " at home " with feet and inches))

  VoG II 22:59 14 May 2004

A byte is a character (approximately).

  Dan the Confused 23:09 14 May 2004

1 byte = 8 bits. Computers use the binary number system whereas humans use the decimal number system. Unless you understand how binary works then this won't mean an awful lot to you, so I wouldn't worry about it ;)

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