Advise on E8400 and Q9450

  conradwebster 10:37 19 Apr 2008

It seems that the more articles that I read the more confused I become when trying to decide which processor to choose. Power comsumption, noise and future proofing considerations all give different answers. The E8400 uses 65W. and the Q9450 95W. but I have read that the quad core uses less power for most of the time. The E8400 runs at 3GHz as opposed to 2.66GHz. Does this mean it produces more heat and noise and therefore needs more fans which increase the total power consumption? Finally, most articles say the duo core zips through apps and games and it will be a long time before quad cores are in routine use whilst others say quad core is the way to go now. Can I please have some expert advise?

  citadel 19:37 19 Apr 2008

it is more important to get a quaity psu with the 80% plus logo, some have up to 87% efficiency, these psu's use high grade components and tend to run cooler and quieter.
I would get the q9450 as more and more games will use multi core to advantage.

  I am Spartacus 20:07 19 Apr 2008

What a curious suggestion. A PSU will do nothing for performance. A better quality one will provide stable power.

If you do a lot of video editing then a Quad core is excellent and is hardly stretched compared to a C2D. If not video editing then a E8400 will overclock to at least 4GHz with the right motherboard and additional cooling and will in most cases outperform the Q9450 which can be overclocked but not easily to the same level.

As time goes by then Quad cores will be utilised more and more by software.

From my limited experience of Quad and C2D's the Quad cores produce slightly more heat but a good heatsink (Thermalright Ultra A/Extreme) will keep it in check.

  citadel 21:00 19 Apr 2008

the electricity used by the cpu is nothing compared to the electricity used by the whole system, so a quality efficient psu would save the user money over the long term and reduce noise.

  I am Spartacus 21:07 19 Apr 2008

I must have misunderstood the question that conradwebster was asking. A C2D E4300 will use a lot less power and be more environmentally friendly and use a lot less power.

  Stuartli 10:27 20 Apr 2008

The E8400 is remarkable value for money compared to the E6750 and its replacement, the E6850.

See my thread from early February:

click here

Quad core CPUs are somewhat more future proof, but there's little to take advantage of the quad core feature at the moment.

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