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  DannyChiz 01:31 04 Nov 2007

I've got a wireless router hooked up to my PC & Xbox 360 through wires & my laptop through wireless. I'm on Virgin broadband & my router is in the front room with the PC & I mainly have my laptop in the back bedroom. The 360 & PC always seem to be ok & my laptop connects fine. But every 20 minutes or so the connection goes & I have to restart my laptop to get the 'net back. Surely the problem lays with the router as the laptop is an Acer which I've only had a few months. The router is an old one which I had to buy the aerial for as the mate I bought it off had lost it. So thinking about buying a new router but trying to find a reasonable priced one & need to know of any brands to go for/avoid. Need one with a decent wireless signal.

Any suggestions?

Also those with a Xbox 360, have any of you got a wireless adapter? I'm also thinking of buying one of them rather than have a cable going up the stairs. So are they worth buying & what are the signals like?

  DannyChiz 01:33 04 Nov 2007

My mate suggested the one below, would that do the trick?

click here

  mgmcc 08:25 04 Nov 2007

Virgin provide both *CABLE* and *ADSL* broadband. The router you link to is suitable only for ADSL via the phone line, it is *NOT* suitable for their Cable service.

There are a "hundred & one" reasons for dropped wireless connections so I wouldn't be too hasty to blame the router. Make sure there are no other wireless devices close to either the Router or the Wireless Network Adapter (Laptop), in particular Mobile or Cordless phones. Make sure the router isn't located close to large metal objects, in particular central heating radiators.

Try changing the wireless Channel Number used by the router and also try giving the Laptop's "Wireless Network Connection" a fixed IP address in the same Subnet (IP address range) as the router.

  DannyChiz 14:28 04 Nov 2007

Cheers, I latered realised it was a ADSL router & I'm on cable so have been looking at this one >> click here
Suggestions anyone?

  Strawballs 15:46 04 Nov 2007

That one will be fine, or any one of these will be fine. click here I have the Linksys wrt54g and has been problem free for about 3yrs now.

  DannyChiz 10:54 05 Nov 2007

Someone said the problem might be in the laptops - they are probably timing out - in which case you can adjust the settings to stop this from happening. I'm on Vista & don't know how to do this though.

Anyone know?

  mgmcc 23:02 05 Nov 2007

You aren't disconnecting because of a "time-out". With dialup or ADSL, where an internet connection has to be established, it can be set to disconnect after being idle for a certain time. This isn't the case with Cable which really is an "always on" connection. You can only disconnect by setting the Cable Modem to Standby, switching off the router or by disabling the network connection whether wired or wireless.

Have you tried using fixed IP addresses?

  DannyChiz 02:54 06 Nov 2007

So it is the router playing up then?

  DannyChiz 03:43 06 Nov 2007

Will updating the firmware fix it? If not can someone recommend a decent router for about £40?

  mgmcc 08:41 06 Nov 2007

There is no reason to suspect that the router is playing up. If the two "wired" computers are running reliably, there shouldn't be a need to update the firmware. Without knowing which router you currently use, it is impossible to know if it is a "decent" router or not.

I use a D-Link DI-524 and Netgear WGR614 with Virgin Cable, which are both reliable.

Interference is still the most likely reason for the loss of connection and you haven't said whether or not you've tried setting a fixed IP address for the Wireless Network adapter.

  DannyChiz 10:52 06 Nov 2007

It sounds as if my wireless connection is faulty in the router but the wired is fine. Oh yeah I forgot to tell you my router it's a Safecom SWBR 5400 found here >> click here

Interference is still the most likely reason for the loss of connection and you haven't said whether or not you've tried setting a fixed IP address for the Wireless Network adapter.

How do I do that?

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