Advice on Windows XP Professional

  23790954 13:55 15 Nov 2007

As a regular poster on this messageboard, I would like some advice on the following 2 queries:
I am presently using Windows XP Pro 32 edition, and after reading a document referring to Windows XP pro 64 edition, I quite fancy upgrading to it. Has anyone out there any advice on the matter, and would anyone that is using it give me their feedback on it.
Secondly, if I upgraded to Windows XP Pro 64 edition, is it quite legal for me to sell my genuine USED edition of Windows XP Pro 32 edition. Thanks for any advice given.

  Pamy 14:59 15 Nov 2007

As long as your computer can accept win 64 then you can install it.

As long as your version of win XP pro 32 is the Full RETAIL boxed version, (notOEM), then provided that you compleately remove it from your computer and supply the buyer with the keycode and the orthenticity sticker, then yes I think you can sell it

  Technotiger 20:24 15 Nov 2007

Hi, I agree with you that 64bit XP Pro looks great on paper, so to speak, but unless you are really into high-end computing and/or business, IMHO changing from 32bit to 64bit is not worth the probable hassle (with drivers etc as already mentioned). For normal daily usage 32bit XP Pro will most likely do all you would ever want or need.

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