Advice on windows xp firewall

  ray27 08:32 03 May 2004

I am on ntl broadband and use windows xp home firewall and Norton anti virus.

I would like advice on whether the windows firewall is sufficient or should I install another firewall that has better protection.

I am on the internet quite a lot, but only for about 1½ hours and switch off when I am not using the pc.

If it is advisable to use another firewall are there any good one's you can recommend that are free?
Many thanks for any advice

  johnnyrocker 08:35 03 May 2004

the problem with the windows one is that it is only effective on incoming traffic but does nothing about outgoing, zonlabs,panda,sygate are among some freebies click here and have a look around.


  Stuartli 09:11 03 May 2004

Disable the XP firewall after installing ZoneAlarm's free edition (first class) or one of the others such as those mentioned by johnnyrocker.

However, the SP2 service pack for XP due out soon is rumoured to include a much better firewall than the present incumbent.

  mikef. 09:19 03 May 2004

XP's firewall on it's own is not good enough, it only detects incoming and doesn't stop anything that gets on your system phoning home, I personally, like a lot of people here, use Zonealarm free edition click here there are plenty of other good free ones as well such as sygate click here and kerio click here

  ray27 12:36 03 May 2004

Many thanks for all the advice
I shall hang on until SP2 service pack arrives and see if it is better if it isn't then I will try one of the free ones that you recomend
many thanks once again

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