Advice on Windows 98SE swap file please.

  Valvegrid 16:44 03 Jun 2004

I have been using this computer for a couple of months which is a HP Pavilion 7925 with 256MB memory and 1.2G AMD Athlon. nVIDIA GeForce4 MX 4000 (Leadtek WinFast A180 B) Video Adapter. The primary drive is 40GB partitioned, 10GB for Windows 98lite and programs (C), the remainder of the 30GB (D) is for my son. I have a 30GB (E) slave, which I use.

Now the question; I have moved the swap file to the 30GB (E) slave drive, as I had done on my previous computer because the swap file was usually 50 - 60MB in size and it made it easier defraging the C drive, but I notice that now the file always remains at zero, I've never seen this before, all the other computers I've used or worked on the SWP file is nearly always 50-120MB, depending on HD size. Can someone explain please?

It's not a problem, because the computer works like lightening, it's just to satisfy my curiosity.

  johnsims 18:21 03 Jun 2004

I assume that the swap file that is now showing a zero size is on the E: partition and that you are not looking at it on C:.

If I remember correctly I seem to recall something about Win98 not being real good at properly showing a moved swap file.

  Wak 19:09 03 Jun 2004

Is it possible that Windows has automatically set up another Swap file in the original C:\ drive.
Have a look in C:\ Windows for Win386.swp

  Valvegrid 19:54 03 Jun 2004

johnsims, yes, I have the original SWP file which is in C still which shows zero as well. I've never had a problem moving the SWP file before on 98, it's just this time it's showing zero.

Wak & johnsims, I have changed the SWP back into C drive anyway, just to make sure and it still shows zero.

Thanks for your replies, I'll leave the thread open for now and keep an eye on old SWP to see if it grows! Unless anyone else knows differently.

  Wak 08:08 04 Jun 2004

Hi, I assume that you have been to :-

Right click MY COMPUTER/ Properties/ Performance/ Virtual Memory/ and sorted out the correct details and Path there?????

  seedie 11:19 04 Jun 2004

I have 2 hard drives and a win system on each, The swap file for C is on D and vice versa. Have to say I've not noticed any difference in performance.


  Valvegrid 16:56 04 Jun 2004

Yes, you assume correctly, exactly as you suggest.

seedie, I've never notice any difference in performance, no matter which drive old swappie is banished to.

I have notice that Windows has set the minimum size to zero, I suppose it's possible that the SWP file is not being used because of the 256MB memory, I must admit I'm not really working the computer hard at all. My old computer had 96MB and the SWP file was about 50MB, so it makes some sort of sense.

  Mister Splendid 17:02 04 Jun 2004

The best way to stop the swap file causing fragmentation is to fix it's size. Set it to user defined then set the minimum size and maximum size to the same value. About 1.5 times the amount of physical memory would be good. When you defragment it will be placed on the drive in a single block together and then as it's size is not changing it will then stay like that.

  Valvegrid 17:21 04 Jun 2004

Thanks for the reply Mister Splendid, that's why I stick it on a separate drive.

All resolved. I stuck it back on one of the other drives and set the minimum to 100MB and hey presto, it went up to 100MB as I would expect. So it looks like the SWP file is not being used because the machine is just ticking along using RAM.

I'll tick resolved, thanks all.

  Valvegrid 12:48 08 Jun 2004

Found out what it is.

It's all to do with Unofficial Windows 98 SP1. I have just installed this on one of the old computers at work, but before I did that, I checked the SWP file, which was showing 20BM.

I installed SP1 and checked the SWP file again, which was showing zero.

Having now read the blurb closer I notice that one of the undates are to do with making more efficient use of the SWP file, I guess using more memory before it starts having to use the SWP file, therefore seeding things up a bit, or I should say a lot, I've notice a big increase in speed, like I said in the first post, it seems to be working like lightening.

  Valvegrid 12:50 08 Jun 2004

seeding! Been at the grass again :-)

It should be speeding of course.

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