Advice on who to go to for web design and hosting

  puma22 11:56 30 Jul 2007

I have been asked at work to explore the possibility of contracting someone to design and host a web site. I think I'm OK with what we need for the site, but can anyone give me a ball-park figure on what the likely cost should be? We need a front page, a forum area, an upload area and links to other sites. We may need a data base at some point which is searchable.
It is the next part I am really stuck on and that is the hosting of it. We cannot get it done through work ( a large university) so are going to have to outsource this. the first question is should we do this separately to the design and if so with whom. The second question, which is a bit like a ball of string, is how much server space should we ask for? One of our requirements would be to upload video.

sorry that this is a bit long winded.

  MicahK 16:35 30 Jul 2007

I would go with DreamHost at click here.
really cheap, tons of space. All the space you would need for your videos.
A quick guess on what it would cose to set you up with what you mentioned, (not including the Database): around $1000 - $1500. That is what I would probably charge anyway if I had the time.
As far as uploading, what do you mean? Like a upload and others can watch the video, or like sending the video to you?

  puma22 16:50 30 Jul 2007

Thanks for the response.
If i went with dreamhost, it is charging in dollars; is this an American company? Would I be better going with one based in England?
Briefly, the site is an educational one with practitioners uploading teaching materials to share and this will likely include video of seminars and people teaching. The purpose of this is to share practice.
$1000 sounds good as I have had 2 quotes to date at 12 & 15 K and one (without the database for £300).

  rachwelian 16:57 31 Jul 2007

No, don't go with dreamhost! They're horrible with downtime... I'd recomment

It'd be better to have someone different do your hosting and your design. That way, if one of them is rubbish and clears off with your money, you'll still have the other one.

As for designers, ask for references. Lots of references. You'll want to see samples of their work. If you're not sure about what makes a good designer or not, run their coding through a validator. Ask for second opinions. You're perfectly within your rights as a client to ask for references and examples of work.

  rachwelian 10:37 01 Aug 2007

I'd recommend going for a UK host too. That way, if anything goes wrong, you'll have an address you can go to and beat some people up. Of course, violence is wrong, but you get the idea...

  ajm 00:05 02 Aug 2007

I am looking at signing up with click here

  puma22 09:09 02 Aug 2007

There is really some food for thought, especially around going for two different companies. My conern with that is when the site falls over, they may just try and pass the buck between themselves. One company would have to sort it (unless they had scarpered with the money)
Any more adivce wiould be helpful as I dont have to make a decision as yet.

  rachwelian 12:39 02 Aug 2007

A good designer won't need hosting to make a site.

My only concern with using the one person to do everything would be that if something goes wrong, you lose EVERYTHING...

How many videos are you looking at uploading? I'd go for hosting package with a good few GB... And if these videos are 'watchable' on the website, you'll need a lot of bandwidth. I'd recommend the $5 dollar deal for that...

It's impossible to give a ballpark figure on what you should be paying, as each designer will charge differently and won't be able to give you a quote until they know exactly what you need...

  puma22 13:18 02 Aug 2007

Thanks for the response.
At the minute we are not sure as to what we want as the project is in start-up phase and as the projects grow and develop we would need more from the site. At present, we just need a web presence with contact details, announcments and some forums for discussion. Would it be a problem to start small and then grow and develop a site as the projects eolve?

  rachwelian 14:57 02 Aug 2007

Not at all.

  C3 21:11 11 Aug 2007 are good and cheap.

2 year domain name, 1yr hosting (10gb storage, 100gb data transfer, unlimited email accounts), came to about 40 quid in total. So that is 20 quid just for the hosting.

A half decent online control panel and quick replies to emails as well.

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