Advice on which printer to buy

  freddieskyhigh 21:21 12 Oct 2006

I am looking for buying a printer which is used for printing mainly balck/white documents and perhaps some decent quality photos. If it had a built in scanner/ photocopier it would be a bonus.

However, I would really like it to print fast and for the ink cartridges it uses to be relatively cheap. I would need it to be comatible for PC/Mac.

Budget: £75 and under.

Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance for your help.


  Totally-braindead 21:25 12 Oct 2006

I don't think such a thing exists I'm afraid. For a budget of £75 you have to make some allowances. You could get one of the Epsons, cheap cartridges and very good pictures but they are rather slow. And you will not get a multi function device that does colour photos well, cheaply and fast for your budget.

You'll have to make some concessions I think.

  freddieskyhigh 21:31 12 Oct 2006

I am really not fussed about having a scanner. I will re-set my budget the budget £100 and will dis-regard the price of the ink cartridges......

  Totally-braindead 21:43 12 Oct 2006

If the majority of stuff you print is black and white text and you have a budget of £100 then you could just about get a cheap black and white laser and a colour inkjet as they are about £50 each. That would dramatically cut costs though you would need extra space.

I'm an Epson user and can recommend them for picture quality and for cheap cartridges but I've yet to have one that was fast so I'll have to leave it at that. Friend of mine has an HP and its fast but I'm unsure of how good it is for pics or even how much it costs to run.
The Lexmark printers I have seen have all been rather slow as well but haven't seen any of the newer ones but they are very expensive for the cartridges.

Good luck I'm sure someone will help better than I can.

  bluto1 22:11 12 Oct 2006

I`ve a Lexmark 3-in-1 Scanner, Printer and Copier and whilst it does a good job with photos and day-to-day printing the cost of cartridges is dreadful. I`d recommend a Epson any day.

  sidandlil 22:12 12 Oct 2006

hang on a bit, epson for cheap cartridges,not on mine, well they are cheapish but very small and dont last very long. I do agree about the quality though.

had some bad experiences of compatible cartridges in 3 other epson printers so i leave alone now

  Totally-braindead 00:28 13 Oct 2006

I think it depends where you buy your compatibles from sidandlil. I always use Choice Stationery and have never had a problem in 5 maybe 6 years. They also guarantee that if one of their cartridges does damage your printer they will replace it, can't say fairer than that.

I did buy some really cheap carts from a computer fair once and after a lot of cleaning they went in the bin.

  Koochy 00:49 13 Oct 2006

I am a Canon fan as the newer range of Canon printers don't have cartridges as in multi's they have seperate ink tanks for each colour and i think a set of 4 ( black, photographic black, cyan, magenta and yellow) last a long time but saying that it is approx 50 quid for a full set.
But the print quality is fantastic and resonably quick and some of them also print cd's now. If you do go for a canon though don't be tempted to use cheap compatible carts as i have heard that they can do your print head in and the print heads aren't cheap to buy. My brother has just bought click here this printer and i think the print quality is second to none in its price range.

P.s. if you do go for a Canon i recomend not using the photographic cartridges as i think you get a better quality print with the normal carts.

  Totally-braindead 01:04 13 Oct 2006

Koochy a question if you don't mind.

The Canon printer used to have the print heads on the cartridges so they were more expensive than the Epsons were. Are you saying that this is no longer the case and Canon cartridges are similar to Epsons?

Just curious.

  terryf 01:13 13 Oct 2006

I have canon ip4200, excellent quality photos, quite fast printing BUT cartridge costs! no compatable because they are chipped, no printheads on cartridge.

  Totally-braindead 01:17 13 Oct 2006

Thank you for that terryf just wanted to know.

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