Advice on which PC to buy

  robdob 21:59 10 Dec 2010

Hi. I'm looking to buy a new pc as my current one is a number of years old now and it's really starting to show haha. I'm a student so can't afford much and so I have been trailing websites such as ebay and gum tree. I've found a number of pcs and have posted the links below, it'd be great if someone could offer their advice on which is the greatest value for money etc. I want it to be able to run modern games such as Heroes of Newerth, Call of Duty Black Ops etc. I don't know a great deal about computers, just the basics so any advice would be greatly recieved. Thanks :)

Here they are:

click here
click here
click here
click here
click here
click here
click here

  Ex plorer 11:01 11 Dec 2010

I would take a look click here I have had two Desktops from them and they have been fine.
I did have a problem with a monitor that was replaced the next day.
I see one of your choices has XP there is nothing wrong with it but why not keep up to date and go for Win7.

  Ex plorer 11:13 11 Dec 2010

I would look for a PC with some kind of guarantee of at least 12 months.
PC are expensive to post if they go wrong.

  Ex plorer 11:14 11 Dec 2010

Should read, PC are expensive to repair if they go wrong.

  Marko797 11:29 11 Dec 2010

You have to be joking - high risk going that way.

  Marko797 11:30 11 Dec 2010

best to stick to reputable suppliers

  chub_tor 21:20 11 Dec 2010

If you click on your link and check for gaming machines base units, which is what robdob is looking for you will see that the cheapest offering is £379 and the next one up is £489. Those prices are considerably more than any of the machines that he listed from gumtree and ebay

I am not a gamer but looking at the specs you supplied my choice of machine would either of your second and third links. I would rule out the first one which has on board graphics and the last three because I am not a fan of ebay.

  AL47 16:31 12 Dec 2010

Tbh I think they are all pretty poor, especially for games

  robdob 21:27 12 Dec 2010

Thanks for all your help guys, am going to go for the Dell Dimension Xps 720. I know it's not the best in the world for gaming, but it's all I can afford for now :) Cheers

  Ex plorer 10:09 14 Dec 2010

chub_tor Prices fall between £275 and £399 and that's within the boundaries of prices of of what he could afford.

I admit I did show a package deal to include a screen.

There are selection radio buttons to choose as to what you want in the way of a PCs and base units.
Base unit start at £199 to £399. click here One gaming unit falls within price bracket click here
robdob I am not sure if they will run the games you have but you can check the spec.

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