Advice on where to buy a laptop and what model

  User-0E996F83-2C77-4463-989F16F1158EE825 12:52 15 Jun 2005

Hi, I'd like to but a laptop mainly to download music, TV programs and films and also store photo's. So am trying to get the best deal. I'm happy to buy online or from the high street but am weary that I may not get a good product/service particularly from the net. Does anyone have any suggested website's/stores that give a good value for money product/service. Also any idea on what type of spec machine I'd need, again any websites that can help me out would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Danny.

  Belatucadrus 13:45 15 Jun 2005

click here always worth keeping an eye on.

  EARLR 14:13 15 Jun 2005

I have 2 TARGA laptops and am very happy with them. I recently spilled coke in 1 of them,called the help line and they arranged pickup, repaired and returned it within 2 weeks. AT NO CHARGE !!!
Not bad as I am in Spain and the laptop was bought in Ireland.

  igk 14:17 15 Jun 2005

What ever way you go make sure that the RAM can be upgraded if required, some time ago I purchased a PackardBell igo (on the quick)and found that it only had 128mb,on further checking found that the max was another 256 and that was maximum possible..hth

  Joe R 14:46 15 Jun 2005


what kind of budget have you set yourself.?

Hi Joe, initially I was looking at around £600 but am willing to raise this if the benefits are worthwhile to probably a maximum of around £800. The reason going for a laptop rather than a desktop is basically practicality, I'm moving to Australia in about a year. I found what I considered to be a good machine in PC world. It was a Fujitsu; Intel Celeron M 360 Processor 1.40GHz, 256Mb RAM, 40 Gb Hard Drive and a Double Layer DVD RW Multi Drive for £550. But when I started to look around I found some less well known names with better specifications (ie up to 3GHz processing speed). I tend to go for products with names that I know but there's so much choice it's hard to tell if I could get a better deal with a lesser known brand...

  concretepigsy 16:59 15 Jun 2005

I have an Acer Aspire 1800 with an extended keyboard that has a numerical pad

17inch wide screen and is available in many configurations.

Mine is a 3.0ghz chip 1028 meg ddram, 128 meg graphics, 60 gig harddrive, wireless, firewire, infra red, remote control 4 usb2 dvd ram drive

For £899

and its the mutts nutts!!!!!!!

  Joe R 17:07 15 Jun 2005


Possible suggestion for you. Also well known brand.

click here

  bukkaz 21:41 15 Jun 2005

Can only speak as I find but I've had one from Dell after my neighbour and his son both had from there. Had a problem but quickly resolved and was impressed with the service.

  Slithe 11:17 16 Jun 2005

From your posting about the Fujitsu, I have a Toshiba that is very similar.

How about a Toshiba Equium A60 for £599? It has 512MB RAM, XP HOME, 40GB HD, Double Layer DVD-RAM drive, 3 USB 2 Ports, built in infrared modem and ethranet, fireware, 15.5" display with 64MB ATI onboard graphics.

The only difference from your Fujitsu is that this one has a Pentium Celeron 2.93 GHZ processor, and I know from this forum people tend not to like Celeron.

I use the model for university and is adequate for a desktop replacement. I admit that the graphics and processor could be better - however, I don't do large amounts of gaming, DVD playing (not what a laptop was designed for in my opinion,) and photo editing.

For XP 512 MB RAM is what you need - although the shared graphics take this up - you can set the display to 32MB or lower depending upon how much RAM you need.

As for the processor, I use the laptop for most general things such as Word Processing, Spreadsheets and suring the Web. If you can get a Mobile Pentium then thats fine, I would avoid faster processors such as the P4 - a friend of mine has one and it drains the batteries.

If you can, try to get a Mobile Pentium, however, on most laptops especially the Toshiba you can configute the laptop to conserve power

Response to Slithe's posting. The Toshiba sounds excellent, any suggestion on where to buy?
Why do people tend to dislike Celeron? It is what PC World suggested!!

Another question: do many of the machines that you buy come with MS Office? I noticed that all of the laptops I have been interested in come with Works 7. I really would prefer office as it's what I use at work and what everyone else seems to have, but there seems to be quite a price difference!!

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