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  Ade_1 21:51 20 Sep 2006

Hi, I have just finished creating my own personal site and I was wondering if anyone could offer their advice on how to improve it further.
Obviously its nothing amazing but its a start as this is only the 3rd CSS based site I have created.

Thanks in advance


  Ade_1 21:52 20 Sep 2006

Maybe the link would help... - click here

  Ade_1 21:55 20 Sep 2006

One smaller problem I have come across. This is that the footer isnt showing properly on IE. I cant get it to appear fully.

Thanks in advance


  GroupFC 22:53 20 Sep 2006

I know nothing about web sites or design, so will leave others to comment about the more technical aspects. I would say from seeing your postings on here I would never have guessed that your only 15!

On looking at the site I did find that the text was at times diffcult to read, seemed to clash with the background, but that might just me being, shall we say, of the older generation! You might also want to get somebody to review the text, as in places the use of English leaves a bit to be desired (having just read that, mine isn't much better but then it is late!).

Good luck!

  Ade_1 23:14 20 Sep 2006

Thanks for the encouraging comments. I would have to agree regarding my english, some of the text i wasnt sure how to word it and clearly it isnt the best standard.

However, thanks again for the comments, they are greatly appriciated.


  Forum Editor 23:42 20 Sep 2006

to text when designing sites. Nothing marks a site as 'amateur' more than text that's littered with gramatical and punctuation errors and typos. The two other sites you've designed - one for a childminder and one for a gaming clan - also contain errors in the text, and if you're not entirely confident I think it would be a good idea for you get someone else to check and edit your text for you.

Otherwise, I wouldn't be happy with the text/background contrast on your site - it's not at all easy on the eye, and anyone with an eyesight problem would have great difficulty with it.

  Kate B 23:57 20 Sep 2006

Your writing style is clunky and verbose, Ade, and you use too many capitals. Get someone to edit your text - it needs paring down quite a lot.

What's the image behind the text supposed to be?

One typographical point: wide chunks of text are almost unreadable. Try laying out your text in two columns? It might look better.

  gibbs1984 09:03 21 Sep 2006

One thing I would say is put your CSS in an external document and link to it, I just find that it makes the mark up cleaner and then you don't have to change it in every page, will be easier in the long run.

  Ade_1 15:14 21 Sep 2006

Thanks for all the feedback, its all greatly appriciated.

I shall get onto revising my gramatical and punctuation errors.

Thanks again


  Ade_1 16:24 21 Sep 2006

I have now editied some of the gramatical errors etc and hopefully it should be easy to read and understand.

Also I have changed the font and its colour so its easier to read.

Thanks for all the advice and feedback


  ade.h 17:05 21 Sep 2006

Aidan, GroupFC is right. I would never have guessed your age from your posts, which is a complement to you.

Now to your site. Not a bad effort at all, I have to say. I agree with most of the above points, particularly the wording, but it is only a personal project after all, so that is not the end of the world. The contrast does need to be increased a bit.

Seperate your markup and CSS properly! Seperation of style and content is a big part of CSS after all, so make the most of the opportunity. With practice, you will find a balance and find the most efficient way of writing code. For example; always have a site-wide style sheet and put anything that is duplicated into it, then page-specific CSS into a style sheet for each page.

I was wondering about the navigation rollover effect; it's too big.

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