Advice wanted re Card readers.

  MFL 10:42 18 Apr 2003

Recently purchased a Nikon 2500 digital camera. Very happy with my purchase except to find that the Nikon View 5 software is not compatible with my computer. Whilst I have recently installed Windows 98 and added a USB hub the software will only work with preinstalled Windows 98 and factory fitted USB port.

Bit annoyed that retailer did not point out these limitations which were also not printed on packaging. However kept the camera as I can download the pictures on my daughters (more modern) computer. However its a bit of a drag transferring the pictures to my computer (via floppys) for image editing, e-mailing etc etc.

Its probably a silly question but will a card reader allow me to load the pictures direct onto my computer - or does anyone have any other ideas.

  pj123 10:49 18 Apr 2003

I have a Nikon 2500. I don't use any of the software that came with it as I have a USB card reader and also my printer (Epson 895) can accept the Compact Flash card directly. I don't see any reason why a card reader shouldn't work on your PC.

You can get many different readers from: click here


  MAJ 10:54 18 Apr 2003

Yes the card reader will appear as a removable drive in "My Computer" and you can access your pictures from there. Card Readers aren't expensive and a lot less hassle. I think that camera uses a CompactFlash Card.

  MAJ 10:56 18 Apr 2003

Sorry pj123, I should have refreshed before posting.

  anchor 12:33 18 Apr 2003

Have a look at this from 7dayshop:

click here

  GANDALF <|:-)> 13:51 18 Apr 2003

I have just bought some card readers from PCW at £12.99 each that look similar to the 7day shop offering. They are made by Jenoptik, come in smart or flash and are excellent, installing easily. Cheaper than 7 day shop (PCW are not always more expensive ;-) ) as well.


  3tg 14:39 18 Apr 2003

7dayshop has an excellent 4port Usb hub at less than £10. we bought one and it's very handy. Also we have two card readers, one is a six card type reader and a Jessops single card reader. the six would not read the smart media card for some reason but the Jessops did !. I really don't know why as I am not that knowledgeable about these things. Just thought it might help you in your decision, the Jessops is the same as the Jenopik. As pj123 says, you don't need to use the software.Cheers

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