Advice on upgrading pc

  mort 10:58 08 Nov 2007

I want to upgrade my old pentium 4 as it is getting a bit tired, not really worried to much about gaming, what do i need to change. Looking to spend a couple of hundred pound, any help would be most greatfull.

  howard64 11:15 08 Nov 2007

I would suggest that you start again - a new motherboard and chip - Intel core2duo e6850 is very good the asus p5k se runs it well - then you will need about 2GB of ddr2 ram about £250 gets you that lot. I have just built one of these and it is very good.

  Totally-braindead 13:00 08 Nov 2007

Depends a great deal on the motherboard. You will have to find out what board you have and then what processor it can take.
If you download Belarc as an example it can tell you what board you have and then you can go to the manufacturers website and see if theres a faster processor you can get to speed things up. click here
I have to point out that unless its a reasonable boost in processor speed you will see no difference whatsoever.
The most economical speed boost and the easiest to do is add more memory but that depends on how much you have, if you already have 1 gig of memory as an example adding more will make a difference but in most cases you won't see much difference.
howard64 is probably right in what he says, a bundle may well be the most reasonable way of upgrading things click here or if your case and power supply are not up to it then a barebones might be your answer click here

There might be a problem here I should mention. You give no details of what machine you have already, if its a branded machine then theres a good chance your windows will not work on the new board and chip, if its a full version of windows but is OEM then it might require reactivation as OEM is meant to die with the motherboard, Microsoft might reactivate it and they might not, they always have for me but theres no guarantee. If its a full copy of XP then it should work no problem.
What I am getting at is, depending on what your present computer is you might have to buy another copy of windows, its not that dear for an OEM copy click here

Can't be more precise as you don't give any info on your present PC.

  mort 21:04 08 Nov 2007

thanks for info it's an Emachine 960 pentium 4 2gig htz with 1 gig ram and is `now painfully slow even after a reformat. It has the emachine recovery disc running XP Pro, thought i could just put in new board and processor and leave in hard drive this not the case?

  citadel 21:22 08 Nov 2007

on my old pc I got a new hard drive and a oem xp sp2. starting fresh, it now runs fast. you could also get another 1g of ram as it is cheap at the moment.

  woodchip 22:40 08 Nov 2007

If you only have a Recovery CD then you cannot make many changes without you buy new XPoem CD. As for a board bundle click here

  Totally-braindead 23:40 08 Nov 2007

I'm afraid its unlikely, very unlikely that you could upgrade the processor in your PC. If it will take a faster one it won't be much faster and consequently I think its a waste of money. Whatever you spend its not going to get much faster and since its a recovery disk I also think its unlikely to work on another board. It might but I would place any money on it.
More RAM, since you have a gig will not make a huge difference either and whatever you did buy will die with the PC you have as when you upgrade the RAM won't work with the new PC.
So what I would do is a bit of housekeeping, clean up the PC as best you can and use it for as long as you can and then get a new PC when you have to, as I'm sure you realise prices drop quite dramatically with time when you talk about PCs, the longer you wait the more you get for your cash.
You could get a barebones and use your old hard drive and CD ROM drive and that would save you maybe £60, the rest of your old PC is not any use. Even the hard drive would be better replaced as its probably a slower one.
A motherboard bundle is not a good idea as I'm almost certain you will need a new power supply and if you bought a barebones you get a new case and power supply. But you will need to buy an OEM copy of XP Home which is another £60.

Sorry but in my opinion if you've already tried a reformat and its still too slow for you and you already have 1 gig of RAM I think its time for a new PC.

As an example if moneys really tight click here £198 add £60 for an OS and there you have a new PC. Admitadly it has onboard graphics which is poor but add a £50 graphics card and you've got something reasonable. Of course if you can spend a bit more you get a faster PC.

To be honest a 2 gig Pentium should not be that slow, I'm wondering if whatever you are trying to run on it is just too demanding for the PC, it should be fine with surfing the web, doing documents that sort of thing its only things like games it should struggle with.

  keef66 14:45 09 Nov 2007

when you say reformat, did you restore it to factory condition using a recovery disk or partition, or did you format the drive and install all the software from scratch. If the latter, did you install all the drivers for mobo chipset etc?

  keef66 15:31 09 Nov 2007

If you decide to go for an up to date mobo / cpu bundle it will be PCI-express, so you'll need a new PCI-e graphics card. You'll also find you need a better psu, you'll definitely need new DDR2 ram, and it will come with lots of SATA connectors but only one IDE so you might also be buying new HDD's and optical drives, and with all these changes if your copy of Windows is oem, you'll be needing a new one of those too. You may be able to reuse your old case and floppy drive!

That's starting to sound less like an upgrade and more like a new pc, which is the very conclusion I have come to myself.

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