Advice on upgrading hardware please

  square eyes 17:09 26 Jul 2007

Hi to all,

It's been some 20 months since i considered upgrading my hardware with an emphasise on gaming,
I decided not to bother at the time for financial reasons and also my hardware was still ok for that time. Now its deffinately time to upgrade, but as usual i'm baffled as soon as i look at motherboards.

Would you mind taking a look at this original thread i posted at the end of 2005 click here, it explains my setup and what was being recommended at the time. The only thing i've upgraded is the HDD. All i would like is an update of opinion please.

Do i still need a socket A mobo? I would like to get a dual core as that seems to be standard now.
It's also a very large tower so i think i can still use it without going for a completely new computer.

Mnay thanks for your time.

  alan2273 19:22 26 Jul 2007

If you want to upgrade to a dual core processor you will need a new motherboard, processor, ram and PSU.
At the moment Intel is the way to go if you are into overclocking, or AMD if you are not as that is the cheaper option as well.

  square eyes 00:47 27 Jul 2007

Thanks alan2273

AMD is my current chipset and im not into over-clocking so AMD is the way to go for me.
But can i choose any motherboard? What about the socket A?, do i have choices? Id be most grateful if someone could find me a link to some mobo's that would work with my existing hardware, PSU/HDD etc. I know its gonna be pricey as i'l need new ram and maybe a new graphics card if my radeon 9600 wont stand up today.

Thanks for anymore input

  Totally-braindead 01:37 27 Jul 2007

Socket A is dead, you can still get the odd socket A motherboard but it was replaced by socket 939 and now AMD are on to AM2.
If you want to stick with AMD you want an AM2 motherboard because the processors for AM2 are cheaper than the 939 equivalents and the go higher than the 939 chips do.
Fastest socket A chip you can get now is a Sempron 3000+ which is the budget chip.
Either go for a AM2 motherboard or go Intel. Haven't looked for a wee while but personally I think the Intel chips are a bit cheaper than the AMD ones - but you'd have to check this out yourself as the last time I looked was about 3 months ago and AMD processors have dropped in price.
Forget socket A its gone.

  keef66 10:14 27 Jul 2007

Really need to know your budget here.

Your choice of processor determines which socket and hence which mobo you need.

I'd suggest an AMD Athlon 64 X2 in an AM2 board, or Intel Core 2 Duo in a socket 775 board.

You'll need new DDR2 ram to go with it, and as has already been metioned, a new PSU

And since these mobos are PCI-express, a new graphics card.

You may find it cheaper to buy a new base unit.

Or consider starting with a motherboard bundle eg from Novatech

  keef66 10:26 27 Jul 2007

eg Novatech mobo bundles; AMD Athlon X2 4800, AM2 ATX board, 2 gig DDR2 ram, £233.82
For exactly the same price they offer an Intel Core 2 Duo E6420, S775 ATX board, 2 gig DDR2 ram.

According to Tom's Harware CPU charts the Intel chip out-performs the AMD by 10-20% in games benchmarks, eg look here:

click here

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