Advice on upgrade direction to take

  aca 09:43 01 May 2007

Current spec below

Athlon XP 3000+, 2153MHz
Asus A7V8X-X
60 G IDE HDrive
XP Pro

Want to upgrade on a tight budget. Mainly to keep up (if a few steps back) on 3d gaming. So want to go PCI-E route.

Have found a great deal on an Foxconn SKT939 Nforce4-SLI chipset DDR400 Dual Gigabit LAN SATAII ATX Motherboard for approx £40.

Thinking of getting a SKT939 CPU for this running at 2.4ghz, and then intially a £60ish PCI graphics card that I can then pair up SLI. Using harddrive and RAM until I can afford to upgrade these.

My question:

1)Will I see much better performance (3d)with the new set compared to existing?

2)Am I better off going for AM2 socket motherboard with or without SLI, and is extra cost worth it?


  aca 13:34 01 May 2007


  keef66 14:12 01 May 2007

If you're only planning to spend £60 on the graphics card you're not going to see much improvement for all your trouble.

I'd forget S939 and AM2 and go straight for Core 2 Duo. Get an E4300, a mobo which will allow some overclocking, and some pc2-5300 DDR2 ram. You can run the E4300 at 2.5 ghz using the stock Intel cooler.

You need also to be shopping for an X1950 pro or better graphics card

Maybe a good idea to wait for ATI to launch it's new R600 based cards; you might get a better price for the older stuff then

  aca 11:08 02 May 2007



My problem with your suggestion is my budget. If I wont see much significant gain without going for that sort of solution then perhaps I should stick with what I have and upgrade my AGP card to a X1650 Pro. Grateful for advice on whether this worth it.

  aca 11:15 02 May 2007


sorry if this thread duplicates other that you helped me with but finding the SLI 939 socket mobo made me think that this was a possible option. ACA

  keef66 11:57 02 May 2007

If gaming is your focus, the most cost effective upgrade would be to an AGP X1950 pro, but then if you don't already have one, you'd be wise to budget for a decent quality 400w or higher psu.

  aca 12:46 02 May 2007

Y have a 450W PSU but thought that my CPU would bottleneck this type of spec card

  keef66 13:56 02 May 2007

The cpu will then be the limiting factor, but you'd still see a massive improvement in games performance for your money. As you already have the psu I think it's a no brainer.

Certainly better than the £40 mobo / £60 graphics card option

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