Advice on trying to clean a suspect Trojan

  PvG 07:50 04 Feb 2005

I have a system with XP SP1 and some “minor” faults are happening, like Word documents not always opening with a double click and have to use “open with” - but not on all files, system runs slow sometimes. This began after visiting as site to try and collect some new Smileys and then found that I had 7 registry changes and 13 pieces of spyware installed! I have the up-to-date AVG and Ad-Aware and have also run an on-line Trojan checker but found nothing.
Would like to try and clean this situation, so my question is, can I just roll back to the earliest System Restore I have (PC is 6 months old) or should I do a re-install - have an original CD?

  curlylad 08:14 04 Feb 2005

Before you try rolling back lets see if we can locate any nasties.

Download and run these:- Spybot click here

CWShredder click here

a² Free click here

  wx622 08:38 04 Feb 2005

This is a useful tool...
click here

  curlylad 19:56 07 Feb 2005

Lets see if we can fix your Word problem first.The reason Word could be playing up is because XP SP2 updates Word and you of course dont have SP2.However you can download the Word updates seperately , just go to click here and search for articles 323547 , 324458 and 320441 have a read of the description and see if the faults outlined match your specific problem and download where applicable. Secondly you say you have spyware installed , are you getting any error messages or is AVG picking up anything at all if so lets have the exact problem posted so as to be better equiped to deal with this.

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