Advice -Systemworks 2006/Norton Internet security

  compumac 12:51 17 Apr 2006

I have been using Systemworks 2005 and Norton Personal Firewall 2003 for more than twelve months. In January (for my sins) I installed Systemworks 2006. No problems. Came the day I removed Personal Firewall 2003 and in its place installed Norton Internet Security 2006. Problems - Details are great and I am awaiting a response from Symantec as I have removed and reinstalled Internet Security three times in the Symantec approved manner and each time there are two files continually running causing everything else to freeze or run slowly. SYMLSCVC.EXE and NSRCSRVCE.EXE.
Systemworks included antivirus and Internet Security was purchased to replace Nortn Firewall
At this time I am back to just running Systemworks 2006 and the Windows firewall.

Question of the forum
1) Has anyone had similar problems?
2) Suggestions as to an alternative Firewall?

  Chris-347369 12:55 17 Apr 2006

The latest Norton products take up vast amounts of system resources. Unless you've got a computer that can handle it you're computer will always run slowly.

A lot of people on the forums recommend Zone Alarm. You can download it for free and it protects just as well

  Jimmy14 13:12 17 Apr 2006

What is the spec of your computer, because Pyroxide is correct, unless you have a system that can handle the both of them it will cause it to run sluggish and even freeze?

  compumac 14:16 17 Apr 2006

Thanks for comments so far but I do not have a problem with the spec as both of these programmes are ruuning on a PC with a far lesser spec. I beileve that it is due to a conflict with another installed programme.

  compumac 16:15 18 Apr 2006


  Shortstop 16:50 18 Apr 2006

Well, Pyroxide has suggested a perfectly good free alternative firewall although, I would say that there is little need for a firewall for most home PC users - unless you visit P2P sites and the like. I have never had a firewall installed [XP is turned off] nor do I feel like I need one! As to your first question, based on your own comments, you believe that this relates to a specific way your PC is set up. You may find that there are not many people who have the same configuration as you and an answer not quickly forthcoming.

The comments concerning slowing-down of the PC with NIS installed are correct, although you have not experienced this. I have seen many postings advising people to remove this - I advised my daughter to do the same - & install less resource hungry applications and this would also resolve the possible conflict you may have. Personally, I would remove Norton, install other software that many forumites will recommend, and see if the issue persists. If it does, then you are correct with your assumption of a conflict; if not, you need to look elsewhere. At least that way you would not be waiting for an answer that may never come!

Just my own view,


  compumac 16:32 20 Apr 2006

I have now been informed by Symantec that Norton Internet Security 2006 includes antispyware that in all probability causes conflict with other spyware. This has taken them five days to indicate this verbally despite being prodded by myself that this may be the cause.This statement also has been confirmed by Sunbelt Software (Counterspy).

Would anyone like to comment on the previous comment that it is not necessary to have a firewall?

  muscic lover 16:34 20 Apr 2006

I personally would have a firewall. Better safe than infected!

  Sibbo 17:01 20 Apr 2006

Most PC magazines etc. recommend that you use a firewall if you surf the Internet. Not having one is asking for trouble.

  pennyben 22:59 20 Apr 2006

Probably the worst advice anone could give someone who uses the internet, that and do not use an AV.

If you really wantto pay for protection then but the new KAspersky ISS 2006. If you want to try the frees then AntiVir and NetVeda or perhaps Sunbelt Kerio.

  _oraya_ 02:08 21 Apr 2006

I only found this out today from an IT friend, but when you unistal NIS it doesn't remove it all, you need to download an uninstaller from their website as there are certain things that get left behind and the tool is supposed to clean it up totally. Don't know if it will help the problem, but thought I'd mention it!

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