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  ray27 18:46 08 Apr 2004

I am really getting flooded with spam.
I have mailwasher but I am a bit confused with the bounce option.
I was told not to return spam or bounce them, as the sender will know by doing this would that the account is still active.

However, I have just read that you should bounce the spam as this acts in the same way as if the account does not exist and returns the mail to the sender informing them that it was unable to deliver the mail.

So all I am asking is should I bounce or not?

I would cease the account but I have so many contacts who use it it will take some time to get around to informing them of the new account I have created, which I will only use for family, friends etc.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated as usual
Regards Ray

  961 19:13 08 Apr 2004

I've got mailwasher as well and have always been advised not to bounce spam

However, these days the amount that comes through leads me to believe that even if you don't bounce you still get loads

What I have done is to have one e-mail account which I use if I need to give an e-mail address. I've also got 2 others that I keep private for use only by friends

The result is that virtually all the spam comes in on one account and never on the other two

Because I signed up to Mailwasher and paid a registration fee long ago, I have the pro version and I also subscribe to their firetrust associate which maintains a file of spam originators

All the spam downloads and I check that it really is spam and then I press the buttom's gone

But I can't pretend the level of spam is decreasing. It's just that it's all on one ISP and with mailwasher it's easy to get rid of it

  961 19:15 08 Apr 2004

Not quite sure what a buttom is, but I will leave that up to you!

  spuds 00:48 09 Apr 2004

No point in bouncing spam, it only clogs up the re-routing system. Just delete is the best method.

  hugh-265156 01:19 09 Apr 2004

after a few weeks/months of using mailwasher it starts to get really good at auto blacklisting spam.

you do need to train it though.

for instance if you get an email from user @ etc and just click blacklist,the next time if may come from user1 @ so it would be best to right click it and select "add entire domain to the blacklist"

obviously if it ends in @yahoo or etc then you dont want to blacklist the entire domain as it may stop important email getting through.set up a friends list of contacts you have in you address book to make sure you get these.

when you think mailwasher is doing a good job at auto blacklisting spam click:

tools/blacklist and friends list/options then tick "auto delete blacklisted messages"

your ammount of span should now be reduced quite a only need to add new addresses to the list and then you wont even see them in future.

dont bounce just delete.

  ray27 08:41 09 Apr 2004

many thanks for all the advice I will do as you all sugest I cant realy say in words
what this site and all the helpfull people on it means to me
many thanks once again

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