Advice for setting up a small office network

  Rockarch 15:30 21 Jan 2005

I am planning to set up a small network at home for my business which will run from 2 different rooms.This is what I am planning at present:
Upstairs: 1 XP Pro SP2 pc to be fitted with a wireless network adapter; Downstairs will be the wireless router ; 1 PC, 1 laser printer/fax & 1 deskjet printer. The advice I need all relates to the downstairs arrangement, as the downstairs PC needs to act like a server:
a) I need to be able to print to both printers but they are quite old and so can only be connected by cables to the PC port. Is there a device that will allow me to plug both printers to 1 pc and easily choose between them?
b) The PC for downstairs is on Win98 and runs some bespoke software that may not work with XP (or I would upgrade it). Will win 98 work wirelessly or do I need to plug this PC into the router?
Any advice gratefully received

  TomJerry 16:15 21 Jan 2005

(1) you can get cheap printer server which connect to router, search ebuyer (not ebay) click here

(2) if your printers have both usb and parallel connection ports, you can connect one to pc parallel and one with usb

(3) most wireless router also got wire port as well, so it is better to connect the downstari PC via wire although wireless will work with 98

(4) if you use adsl BB (bb from phone line), it is better to get a wireless router with modem build-in, for example D-link DT604, you can find a lot of them in broadbandbuyer click here

(5) it is much easy to set up network with XP, so it is better to start with XP when you set up, when it is done, it will generate a floppy disk setup program for you and you can take it downstair

(6) select your gears and post your selection and people in here will tell you if it works

  Rockarch 16:22 21 Jan 2005

Thanks for advice TomJerry - glad to know I'm not completely off the mark!
I know nothing about print servers so will investigate.
Neither printer has USB so may have to do server option unless there is something else (don't fancy having to change over parallel cable every five minutes!)
Thanks for tip of starting with XP setup . I also have XP laptop that will connect to this network but hopefullythat should be straightforward.

  Rockarch 17:00 21 Jan 2005

I've just had a look at printer servers & seem reasonable prices. Have just got out the user guide for my HPLaserjet & it says that for network printing I need to have an HP Jetdirect print server or the various features won't work. Is this just HP flannel or would it make a difference?

  TomJerry 17:04 21 Jan 2005

Linksys Etherfast 10/100 Switch + Printserver 4-port Switch £23.20 buy click here, product info click here, this really is a great stuff

  stylehurst 17:16 21 Jan 2005

Can't comment on a wireless setup, but USR produce a wired router which allows printer to be connected directly to the router via p.p cable; software works the printer sharing.
Maybe they also have a wireless version

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