Advice on setting up a new TFT

  jake2 19:28 23 May 2006

My new Samsung 930BF Arrived today I got it up and running (well I say "I" I mean it did it all itself!)very easily!
There are so many different adjustments and settings I was wondering whats the quickest way to set it up?
At first it was way too bright that was easily sorted.
Now the taskbar and desktop icons colours seem a little washed out, not as strong as on the CRT.
The whites dont seem to be as brilliant white as on the old monitor.
Its very early days and I haven't really got into all the settings yet, just looking for suggestions on what settings other people use.

  Diemmess 19:49 23 May 2006

Most of what you mention is concerned with the adjustments to the individual monitor itelf rather than the general appearance of a windows screen. That as you know is a right click on the blank part of the desktop and fiddle with Properties.

Withe the setting up buttons on the Monitor you can usually adjust most things in turn to produce nice undistorted screen with the right levels of contrast and brightness.
Try them one at a time. As a rule of thumb, start with the indicator in the middle and move it either way to make a change. there are several nice little programs to help on this and free to download.

In the end it is subjective. If you like it like that, then that is the setting for you!

Be aware that brilliance and contrast are somewhat interlinked Changing one may alter the other, With a new monitor it should not be necesary to make wide variations from the mid-range position. Have fun, its yours to play with and you wont wreck anything trying.

  jake2 11:07 24 May 2006

Thanks Diemmess, I was messing around wth it last night and it's getting there. I didn't realise there were so many different settings and adjustments in it! Still a work in progess, learning as I go!

  Totally-braindead 11:16 24 May 2006

You might want to try cleartype as well click here

  rmcqua 13:13 24 May 2006

Have you loaded the Samsung software that came with the monitor, or are you just using default VGA settings off your PC?

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