Advice on Screen shot attachments, please

  Enoch 05:57 21 Oct 2006

I see from other posts on this forum that occasionally someone will add a "screen shot" of a page or instruction from their PC so that others can see what is meant by a particular problem.

I do know how to produce "Print Screen" but I do not know how to go from there to attach it to a post to this forum.

The reason for requiring to do this, is that I have a problem with one particular page on Internet Explorer, and I have tried to explain the problem, but without a visual, the explanation does not make sense.

I am on XPhome and IE6

Help and instructions would be appreciated please

  radi8or 07:53 21 Oct 2006


Have a read click here


  wiz-king 07:56 21 Oct 2006

You will have to paste your screen dump into a program such as Word then store it as a JPG (picture) file in a website such as ImageShack that will give you a link that you can paste into this site. Sounds long winded but gets easier with time - I'm told!

  radi8or 07:59 21 Oct 2006


PS, it's a little long winded but if you start by reading it all and have a practice you can shortcut it as required.

Regards Bob

  radi8or 08:01 21 Oct 2006



Regards Bob

  Enoch 08:44 21 Oct 2006

Thanks guys, I am printing out the instructions and will come back to this link in due course to let you know how I got on

Thanks again

  FatboySlim71 09:03 21 Oct 2006

Why not use a screen capture program like this one, click here

Capture the screen in question and then use this site to give you a web address to the picture, then copy and paste this into your post and then others can click on the link and see what scrren you are shown on your PC.

click here

When you have saved the image to your PC, go on to the above site and Click the Browse button to find your screenshot/picture that you have saved to your PC then click Host it.

On a new screen you will be given a set of links - the one you want is Direct link to image (the bottom one). Copy the link/web address and paste it into your post.

  Enoch 12:54 21 Oct 2006

I am obviously doing something wrong or I do not understand. I have tried both the suggestions without joy. I have now saved my screenshot to my desktop but I cannot see how to attach it to a forum post I want to make.

Help please

  anskyber 13:09 21 Oct 2006

I use image shack. Once you have taken the image (actually choose the take and up load option0 it will then give you many links to the image. Choose the bottom one and copy and paste to here.

It will look like this click here you may need to click on this image to get to full size

  ed-0 13:24 21 Oct 2006

take your screen shot and open it in paint. Edit it and save it as a jpg click here

Open image shack click here and use the browse button to find the jpg click here

Press the host it button to give you a thumbnail picture click here. Double click on the thumbnail.

To bring on a full page picture. Right click the url in the address bar and pick copy click here then just paste the url in your thread.

  Enoch 14:34 21 Oct 2006

Thank you all for your assistance. Finally worked out what to do. Have look at todays forum points under "Sky web page problems" and you can see how it worked out.

You guys are the best

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