Advice on restoring xp and additional help

  flumps 19:36 14 Sep 2004

Hello all

I have read most of the old threads concerning the subject title, but just need a few pointers clarifying please.

After various hickups all down to norton internet security 2004 (could be my fault), I have finally decided to restore my PC to the original factory settings using the restore CD(2) provided and start again. Following the standard manual instructions I have two options after booting with cd#1 - 1.restore windows xp, 2. boot to command prompt from cd-rom, I would probably go for option 1. There is a warning about the hard drive data being lost etc. which is ok as I will save my own important files beforehand. What I would like to know is, will this completely clean up my hard drive and then restore xp or not? I would prefer a clean installation, and does it really matter?

I have a scanner and printer connected, is it advisable to disconnect these until after I have restored xp and then reconnect and load their softwares?

In addition, before I do any thing could you offer alternative recommendations to Norton (firewall and anti-virus, free if possible) that I should download prior to restoring so that when I do go back online I am safe from any attacks, Blaster? was mentioned in one thread. or would you advise me to stick with norton?

Any other advise would be appreciated also, want to make sure that I don't miss anything out before I take the plunge and have no internet access for help.

Thanks flumps

  TomJerry 19:52 14 Sep 2004

Restore CDs hold a image of hard drive at factory setting. It is XP + some utilty software PC maker install. The restore CD will restore the factory status, i.e. when you got it. It maybe "clean" XP or "clean"XP plus something. But it does not really matter.

You will lost everything on HDD, so make sure double backup everything important.

It is a good idea to disconnet other things such as printer when you do restore.

Install XP SP2 will make all security updates up to date. All PC mag (including PCA) new issue has it.

It will be generally safe if you have SP2 installed.

As for best Free Firewall, try Zonealarm click here.
Best free AVG: AVG Anti-Virus click here

  [email protected]® 19:54 14 Sep 2004

I have found BitDefender to be excellent.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 21:53 14 Sep 2004

All Free Protection Software Take your choice.

Personal recommendation combination of Zonealarm ,AVG,Adaware,Spyware Blaster and Spybot S&D.

Anti Virus :-
Avast4 click here
Antivir click here
AVG antivirus click here

Anti Spyware :-
Adaware click here
Spybot S&D click here
Spywareblaster click here
a2 click here

Firewalls :-
Kerio2 click here
Sygate click here
ZoneAlarm click here

Popup stopper :-
EMS Free Surfer Mk11 click here
Popup Stopper Basic click here

Spam Killers :-
AvirMail click here
Spam Weasel click here
Mailwasher click here

  flumps 18:21 15 Sep 2004

Another question.

Someone today mentioned that on using the restore cds I would lose my drivers and have to manually install them. Is this right and if so is it difficult to do this, they seemed to think so?

  buscrew 18:38 15 Sep 2004

You will not lose your drivers. If you have installed any third party hardware, the drivers will need to be installed again, but as you will have already done that at least once it would not be a problem, As TomJerry has stated above, a restore from the CD's will put the PC back to it was on the day you acquired it.

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