advice required buying a new Desktop ??

  Petesilver 18:39 04 Jul 2010

can anyone suggest where to look for a new desktop
I have been looking on the web but the more I do the more I get confused....
I am not a gamer, I like to surf the net, photos are a big thing with me, and a bit of DTP.
All I want is one that is fairly future proof I know thats impossible but like this one when I bought it I added 1gig of memory when the norm at that time was 215kb, that sort of thing, so any help much appreciated I know its always a personal thing but I am sure I can at least look at anyones suggestions as I have an open mind

  birdface 19:51 04 Jul 2010

I would start with Amazon and E-Buyer I believe both do a free delivery.

  The Kestrel 21:46 04 Jul 2010

This PC from ebuyer click here would probably fit the bill. It has the latest intel core i5 processor, a separate graphics card, 4 Gb of DDR3 RAM and a decent sized hard drive. The customer reviews are very favourable. You will need to add a monitor to it unless you already have a suitable one with your present PC

  northumbria61 23:54 04 Jul 2010 do a similar model - the HP Pavilion 6325 (see The Kestel link above) and they are also doing a "trade in" if you would like to consider that option.

click here

click here

  northumbria61 23:58 04 Jul 2010

Ahh! forget that. It doesn't appear in the list of products that qualify for cashback - sorry.

  Andsome 08:37 05 Jul 2010

Forget the big boys and go to a local shop. Discuss your requirements with them and let them build one for you with No free trials for rubbish soft ware, no free Norton or McAffee. Ask to be supplied with a full installation disk. Just think, no hanging on the phone for a reply from an over priced helpline if you get problems, just pop in and sought it out. I wouldn't buy any other way.

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