Advice regarding Keyboard and mouse upgrade!!

  betina 16:26 16 Nov 2006

Hi guys
would love a little advice regarding an upgrade from my newbee!! keyboard and mouse!!lol. Having got my Packard Bell Imedia desktop on February of this year i feel a lttle more confident,(Just a little!!! )enough to warrant purchasing a new set. What would you advise??? I do understand that this indeed depends on each users preferences and skills however i am interested in a Multimedia desktop set. I was advised by a friend that Cherry make super keyboards and are competitively priced so i did indeed go on to their websight and found an array of keyboards and mice the problem i am having is which one to choose for my needs. I was also advised to go for plug and play as there was no need for software for instalation, but if i purchased a set with software would it be a complicated process to instal?? oops!! so many questions!! i do apologise i am in a quandry not knowing what to do for the best. I am interested in the media side of using my pc,but not into gaming but i do find my present keyboard keys clunky(for wan't of a better word)! and would like more touch sensitive keys with more functions. I love this forum and have always had immediate responses to previous posts with lots of super advise(keep up the good work guy's). I would very much appreciate any help and advise. Xmas cyber hugs to one and all xx

  Kate B 20:32 16 Nov 2006

I think it's a good idea to take yourself off to somewhere like PC World or John Lewis and try various mice and keyboards for yourself: what one person loves another might loathe, so it's not really something that anyone can advise on.

Microsoft makes a range of multimedia keyboards bristling with buttons which might suit you.

One thing I would say is avoid the temptations of wireless keyboards and mice. They eat batteries and can be flaky. Good old-fashioned wires are nice and reliable.

  oldbeefer2 21:11 16 Nov 2006

Hear Hear - I opted for wireless with my new Evesham, but after 3 months the battery mine is running low, so have gone back to my old, wired, set.

  betina 22:15 16 Nov 2006

Hello Kate B
Thanks for advice, may just take myself off to PC World and have a look see!, most of my friends have more or less the same take as yourself all have different keyboards etc, but all have conflicting advise. I suppose i,ll just have to take a chance and hope i choose correctly lol. Have you heard any feedback on cherry keyboards?Does anyone in cyber space use them lol or does Microsoft corner that Market also lol?????

Cyber hug from me

  terryf 22:25 16 Nov 2006

I have a msoft wireless keyboard and mouse, never replaced battery in kbd, use rechargeables for mouse which need changing infrequently (the computer opens a window saying that the battery needs replacing) I have a spare set of batteries and a charger so it is no hassle. I like the feel of the kbd an mouse but as said above it is an individual thing. You really need to be sitting down at a keyboard to try it, not really possible in C**rys or C*m*t.

  terryf 22:26 16 Nov 2006

PS, if you find a make that you like, look around the web for the best price but remember to allow for carriage costs

  betina 22:30 16 Nov 2006

i also would find having to replace batteries quite tiresome, so i,ll also just opt for wired although there seems to be an abundence of wireless sets,and not so much wired or is that just me, but heh!! what do i know lol!!!

  terryf 22:36 16 Nov 2006

Replacing batteries every 2 or 3 months tiresome? Pore ole you:-)

  betina 22:56 16 Nov 2006

In an ideal world it would be great to have a little play around with the display keyboards in PC W---d etc, just to get a feel of them but i think they(PC W---d)!!! may object if i took along my comfy pc chair,and my home set up, lol!! but you never know could be a future idea for good customer relations lol!!!. Am off for a wee hunt around the web for some ideas, as you say have to take into account carriage costs, i got caught out that way in the past

hugs x

  lulubelle 20:03 18 Nov 2006

Hi betina,
I got a really nice keyboard from PC World. It is aluminium, has got a lovely key action, and has various multimedia keys. It is made by ADVENT and cost £17.99. I played around with it in the shop before I bought it, I've had it about 6 weeks now and I am very pleased with it.

  betina 22:13 18 Nov 2006

Hello lulubelle
I had a look at that keyboard on my last visit to PC W---d and did consider it , i was also impressed with the price , a friend has a Cherry keyboard and am off to have a play around with it(keyboard!! not my friend!!!) lol, (even if it's just so i get peace and quiet from her)!! so i will hopefully have made up my mind by xmas next year!lol! Many thanks for your help happy pc-ing

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