Advice re reinstall of Windows

  oo7juk 23:58 11 Sep 2008

My friends PC is infected with a virus (windows 2009 anti virus).

Hi PC is running that slow that it takes forever to select the 'start' button and access his control panel, etc..

I advised him to find his system recovery cd and restore to factory settings, unfortunately he has misplaced disc.

I have my windows OS disc. Can I do a reinstall on his PC using his license code?

He purchased his PC from currys and the hard (he only has one) will no doubt have a partition.

Will the above partition prevent me from doing a reinstall?

Would he be better of installing a new HD and loading windows from that point? Would the PC allow this.

Many thanks,

  DieSse 00:13 12 Sep 2008

"I have my windows OS disc. Can I do a reinstall on his PC using his license code?"

Possibly - in theory yes, but it depends on version and service pack status. The only way to know for certain is to try it. Most times it will work.

"Will the above partition prevent me from doing a reinstall?"

All drives have partitions - even if it's only a single one. You can scrub all partitions and start again with an "as-new" drive if you want. Killdisk will do that for you - or Seatools if it's a Seagate drive. Both free

Killdisk - click here

Seatools - click here

"Would he be better of installing a new HD and loading windows from that point? Would the PC allow this."

It's not necessary - see above - but he might want to for other reasons (capacity?)

All PCs can run multiple hard drives. Power supply capacity may be an issue when adding any extra parts. And of course you will need space to mount the drive in the cabinet!

  DieSse 00:16 12 Sep 2008

Be aware that ALL data, settings and installed drivers and applications will be lost.

You need to ensure you have the drivers and any other software to hand.

You need to save all data, and make a note of settings, before you do anything to erase what's currently on the drive.

  rdave13 04:10 12 Sep 2008

It could be that you may have a restore partition on your harddrive. Try tapping F11 or F10 on startup to access the restore partition. Follow instructions to restore. This will also include all the drivers needed.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 09:44 12 Sep 2008

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  oo7juk 13:26 12 Sep 2008

Thanks for all the responses. I spoke to my friend last night and he can't even get past the splash screen now. I am going to pick up his base unit and have a proper look and will post my findings.

Many thanks,

  oo7juk 11:09 23 Sep 2008

Update -

Hi - picked up base unit last night and connected up. The first thing that happened was repeated messages from Norton displaying the following:

The app or dll is not a valid windows image, these kept poping up all the time. When I went to uninstall it wouldn't remove program. I tried 'moveonboot' but that never worked either.

Anyway installed 'malwarebytes' and performed a scan re (windows 2009 anti virus) and that program founf 10 infected files, but none of them had (windows 2009 anti virus) text in the line description. Removed infected files, performed another quick scan and all was clear.

After that I done what rdave13 suggested and pressed f10 and selected the manufacturers recovery option. After the above was complete I restarted unit, but the Norton messages where still popping up on the screen.

Do you think the system recovery would have removed the virus?

How can I remove Norton from the unit and stop these messages?

Am I better to do what Diesse suggested and delete partion and reinstall windows?

If I do the above will the reinstall work OK? or will my friend have to contact the manufacturer for drivers etc.

Many thanks for all your help so far.

  woodchip 14:10 23 Sep 2008

He needs to find is Recovery CD

  oo7juk 15:17 23 Sep 2008

Woodchip - when he went into shop and they told him to phone HP. He telephoned HP and they told him to use the recovery option at start up. His guarantee has expired now.

I have a original windows disc, can I not insert do a fresh install with his licence number. Will I have to format his HD or will the partion prevent me from doinf this.

Many thanks.

  woodchip 15:22 23 Sep 2008

It will not work. If its the same Operating System like XP home then you may be able to do a Repair of the system using your CD. But if that does not work he as not much to loose. When he starts computer does it say for recover press F11? if it does try it as some body may have created a recovery on the D:\partition

  oo7juk 15:55 23 Sep 2008

Woodchip - I pressed F10 and that started the recovery process (factory settings). When it finished it displayed the windows xp install pages. The page prompted me to name PC and select how I would connect to the internet then it rebooted.

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