Advice re MP3 download sites

  truane 17:39 12 Dec 2006


I want to be able to (legally) download MP3 music, of all genres, with the option of moving them to my Sony Ericsson Walkman. This, I think, precludes iTunes and Windows Media Store which provide AAC, M4P and WMA, etc files. I want to buy just plain MP3 music and I want the sort of selection available on iTunes.

Any suggestions, please?


  FreeCell 17:48 12 Dec 2006

click here;-1;-1;-1&pPageID=1530&pGroupID=8

click here

  FreeCell 17:49 12 Dec 2006

Try that HMV link again
click here;-1;-1;-1&pPageID=1530&pGroupID=8

  mike1967 17:57 12 Dec 2006

Buy the cd from then copy them to you're player after burning them to you're hard drive, much better than any rip off download site we have in the uk currently

  mymate 18:06 12 Dec 2006

mike1967,I can never understand why people pay nearly the same price for a cd,on a download .Dont make sense to me .

  mike1967 18:10 12 Dec 2006

makes no sense to me either thats why i posted it, but loads of people still do

  Kate B 18:30 12 Dec 2006

I don't understand buying digital downloads, either. You pay more or less the same for a file that is compressed and lossy and which comes hedged about with DRM. I'd rather buy a CD and rip it to my preferred format at my preferred bitrate and have the CD as backup. I've seen too many people lose all their tunes in a computer failure.

  Totally-braindead 18:32 12 Dec 2006

I have to agree with the others, I rip from my CDs too.

  MIke 19:14 12 Dec 2006

Long live the music cd far better quality than downloads as has already been stated, and less chance of getting corrupted, erased,or lost due to hard disc failure.

  Totally-braindead 19:17 12 Dec 2006

Woolworths as well click here and Virgin perhaps click here

  truane 12:36 13 Dec 2006

Thanks, folks. Point taken re being better to rip cheap CD's for MP3's. I can even then re-sell the CD's and get some cash back!.

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