Advice re FORM/Emailing

  The Paul 11:52 07 Jun 2003

I've tried to set up quite a detailed FORM on the site below. It is important to have this amount of detail on the FORM which is located in the "Contact Us" page.

I'm using Dreamweaver MX and have managed to get the first 3 entry lines to be sent by email. These are First Name - Last Name - and Address.

I'm not an HTML techie and dont understand code at all. I'd hoped that Dreamweaver would be idiot proof and allow this to all work for me without me having to get clever. Best laid plans etc.

There is a "mailtemp.txt" file which is synch'd both on the rremote and local servers (hence the email actually arriving) but I cannot get the entire FORM to submit.

Any thoughts or advice greatly appreciated.

click here Entry page

click here page where FORM is located.

Cheers folks

  harristweed 13:07 07 Jun 2003

First - give your pages titles!!! untitled page at the top of the browser looks awful.

Emails. Form page has first 3 fields named - Name, address etc.

the rest are textfield3, textfield4 etc.

These names must be on the mailtemp.txt file also. Are they?

  The Paul 16:06 07 Jun 2003

Thanks for the feedback. I hadnt noticed the untiltled bit. Good for you. I'll change later and rename.

When you say that the fileds are "named" Name, address etc, do you mean in the mailtemp.txt file. They are named in mailtemp as First Name - Last Name and Address. I wasnt sure what to enter in the mailtemp for any other fileds. Do I call then "textfiled 3 and 4 and so on?

Again - thanks for input and feedback.

  slowhand_1000 20:12 07 Jun 2003

but are all the text fields situated within the form itself - within the red dotted lines and not outside it.

  The Paul 20:13 07 Jun 2003

I managed to find a site which gave me the code to have the entire form sent by email. Its probably not the best method but it works.

Thanks for your time and input. Paul

  The Paul 20:15 07 Jun 2003

Sorry slowhand_1000

I was posting a closure as you posted. All the text fields are inside the form alright.

I've managed to get the email delivery working. At least this will do for now while I see if there is a better way.

Thanks for your thoughts and time - Paul

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