Advice re disabling programmes at start-up

  Shorty123 20:32 09 Oct 2004

I want to disable zone alarm and Catalyst Control Centre at Start-Up (they are causing problems). I can disable zone-alarm in the registry, do I then manually start it after boot up via Start-All Programmes? I have to disable Catalyst Control Centre via Start-All Programmes-Start Up. How do I then start it up manually if I need to, and how do I re-enable it to load at STart-Up if I need to?

  stalion 20:35 09 Oct 2004

if xp go to run type msconfig,startup,and untick the above programs you have mentioned and re-boot

  Shorty123 20:55 09 Oct 2004

Cheers stalion, but its how to re-enable or start them manually that I need to know, can u advise me? Do I just do the reverse through msconfig?

  stalion 21:00 09 Oct 2004

if you want the programs to load at start up just reverse the same procedure ie:tick them or you can manually start them after start up

  Shorty123 21:10 09 Oct 2004

Ok ta very much

  Taw® 21:36 09 Oct 2004

click here makes it much easier

  Shorty123 22:33 09 Oct 2004

Taw, is that the same sort of thing as regseeker? Its not actually disabling them that worries me, its how easy it is to a) re-enable them if things don't work and b)how do I manually start zonealarm if it doesn't load at start-up, do I do it via Start-All Programs-Zone Alarm?? Advice gratefully received!

  Strawballs 22:40 09 Oct 2004

Just go to start > Programs then click on zone alarm but untill you put it back in startup you will have to do this every time you reboot

  Shorty123 23:35 09 Oct 2004

Ok cheers strawballs, having a lot of problems with latest zone alarm update and/or Catalyst Control Centre, trying to work out which is causing the failure on boot-up

  Taw® 12:34 10 Oct 2004

Shorty123 if you use this to disable them you can leave them in the start entry unticked when you want to enable open it up again and enable.

  Shorty123 13:16 10 Oct 2004

Thanks very much all, got it now!

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