Advice re converting .avi files to be played on DVD player

  AroundAgain 23:43 19 Apr 2013


A friend has a load of videos, taken with personal video camera, which are .avi files but he wants them on DVDs so that family can have copies, to be played on DVD players, PCs, Mac's etc.

I have, this evening, used Freemake and converted to MP4 and WMA which will run on my tablet. I have also used Handbrake but seems to only convert to MP4, and also another format (forgotten what it was)

However, I'm wondering what the best format to convert these .avi files into. Apart from MP4, is there a 'standard' format that DVD players, and the like, that would be best to convert to?

Then, is there an appropriate free download of the program necessary, or would it be necessary to purchase one?

I would appreciate some (simple 'ish) advice from you guys who probably have lots of experience with this.

Thanks very much for your help :)

  martd7 00:07 20 Apr 2013

if you are looking to play dvds the format is vob

the most popular free converter is super c i cant post a link so just google super c

  martd7 10:34 20 Apr 2013

The best all in one program in my opinion thats not free is convertxto dvd

see here

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 13:10 20 Apr 2013

Freemake will convert to DVD

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 13:25 20 Apr 2013
  1. Don't worry about CCleaner's registry cleaner it is very safe (I never even bother backing up) have used it for years with no problems its the only registry cleaner I would recommend.
  2. When you download Avast you can select just the free version, when you instal it do not forget to untick the trial of Avast pro.

  3. You do need to register Avast it is free and last for a year , make sure you select Base Protection.

  AroundAgain 15:35 20 Apr 2013


Thanks for your responses.

I'm sorry to say, I gave up on SuperC as I wasn't getting on with it and discovered it had also downloaded some malware with it so uninstalled, MalwareBytes run which found a number of items, maybe not all related to SuperC though.

So, tried DVDFlick, but I didn't have much success but, having such a bad memory, I can't remember what I did/couldn't do etc ;)

Then I tried Freebrake again but, this time, using the DVD format, with some success. However, the program kept crashing but I discovered that it would only deal with a very few files at a time. As this would mean using a DVD for only part of capacity, I have just 'converted' again, but this time to file, with the intention of then burning to disc.

However, I find each 'batch' of files I converted are saved in their own file but, the problem being, they all therefore have the same file name/numbers. Short of working my way through all these to put 1, or 2, or 3 so that they are different, I decided there has to be another way. I've surely missed something here??? ;)

As for Fruit Bat's last post, I'm a bit confused as to the relevance ;) I already have Avast, in fact, so wondering if his post was intended for another thread? If not, please enlighten me ;)

Thanks very much for all this help Cheers

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:07 20 Apr 2013

Sorry I was posting to another thread and got hit with the Server overlaod message twice and both answers disappeared into the wrong threads.

I have just burnt 13 files 6 minute each to one DVD using Freemake.

Did you join the files

Video plus - add files - click join so it shows ON -

this leaves a new tile file at the top same name as the first file - click on it and rename it, this then becomes the Title of the iso file burnt to DVD

select DVD from the list at the bottom, check it has the correct DVD drive showing and have a Blank DVD in the drive, slect menu and chose your menu (gold pack will give you more choice and the chance to use your own picture as background) and click convert

= one happy grandson as he now has an new DVD ha can tke home and watch.

  AroundAgain 16:26 20 Apr 2013

@ Fruit Bat - Lucky grandson ;)

Thanks. I've just followed your very straight forward instructions but a second after clicking 'Burn', the program crashed again.

So, that's as far as I get when trying to burn to DVD. I don't have alternative DVDs to try.

I'm assuming I'm doing something wrong, or my PC has an issue?

This is all very frustrating!!!

Hopefully, with advice, I can crack this. I have 1/2 doz SD cards here with videos taken which need to be on disc so that they can be copied and distributed around family!

So, what's next ... please Cheers

  martd7 17:07 20 Apr 2013

try vso convert x? free trial

You seem to have some issues burning and i wouldnt expect super to contain any malware,to be honest i havent used it but its very popular and as you wanted something free thats reason i posted it Convertx is an all in one program easy to use i use it all the time

if you have just a burning problem after conversion you can use imgburn

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:49 20 Apr 2013

Instead of selcting your DVD drive try selecting to ISo

then you can use your normal burning program to burn the iso file to a DVD.

  AroundAgain 14:10 21 Apr 2013

Thanks guys I'm now back on to it and will give this another go right now I'll post back again soon with the outcome ;) Cheers

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