Advice for purchasing A3 inkjet printer

  Rockstone 09:46 21 May 2006

I need advice for the purchase of a good quality A3 printer which will hopefully do banner printing, prime interest being graphics. My existing Epson stylus Color 600 which I cannot fault doesn't print big enough.

  thms 11:14 21 May 2006

Well i've had a Epson Photo 1290 for a few years now and it has proved to be an excellent printer.

These sell for around £250 if you want to splash out £350 see here click here

it does print cds as well though.

  thms 11:16 21 May 2006

The EPSON R1800 prints cds not the 1290.
In case you miss read my previous post.

  Rockstone 20:12 21 May 2006

Thanks for your help. Do you happen to know if the Epson printers mentioned do banner printing?
A3+ doesn't mean much to me.

  newts 22:40 21 May 2006

I have used HP deskjet 1220 and later HP1280 for several years and it does an excellent job. A3 is the standard size whereas A3+ is a little larger at 330 x 483 (13"x19") which the above printers can do. You can also feed them flat via the back with thicker flat paper/card.

  Belatucadrus 00:19 22 May 2006

click here for a recent review on A3 printers.

  Rockstone 15:48 24 May 2006

Thank you all for the info. However I need to explain a little further.
I recently had a panorama 42" by 10" printed professionally.
Is there a printer in the A3 range that might start to approach that size? Or do I have to look towards Boom bang a bang A2 with horrendous costs?

  Frosty120 20:34 21 Sep 2006

It is my understanding that the Epson 1290 can be roll feed, meaning that you can feed a continuous roll of A3 paper into the printer, so that means you have a width of 13" on a A3+.
I assume that the length of the roll is longer than 42" and would also assume that the software will allow you to print any size that the printer is physically capable of, and I can't see why it couldn't technically print an entire roll!
The main critercism of roll fed printing is that the prints curl because they've been rolled up so long! But I'd think that with a banner that doesn't matter too much. I printed a lot of A1 sheets on a roll fed A1 in university and had no real problems with page curl.

I'm also looking at buying an A3 printer for graphics and photo's, one of my main concerns is cost, particularly running cost. Does anyone know which inks are cheapest and last longest? Canon, HP or Epson?

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