Advice please - need new PC

  Angie Coops 23:53 13 Mar 2008

Hi all, need to upgrade my PC. Currently have Dell, not sure of spec, was my sisters, brand new, but she died so unused for 2 years. My old tower blew up, lovely PC man saved my hard-drive and transferred it to 'piggy-back'(?) the new tower. Works Ok but as a final year student who is going onto do a Phd, it's basically so slow I could scream. Can takes ages to open/shut down applications & Word 2007 regularly crashes, I'm terribly impatient & pushed for time so want everything to work NOW! Need it for lots of web-surfing (can need 6-8 tabs + open at once) plus multiple word-processing applications running concurrently. Also big music library and huge amount (& ever-increasing) files. Always do my weekly regular maintenance: anti-virus, spyware, defrag, disc clean, registry clean etc so don't think it's that causing the general go-slow. Was considering still buying from Dell as have had no problems (or if I did would just get PC guy in!) Have read quad-core CPU is the way to go, with ~3GB RAM? Currently use Windows XP OS but understand would need to get Windows Vista now? Didn't really want to because have read there's been quite a few glitches, but don't think I have a choice? Can't use Apple, Mac not compatible with uni site. Also, paid for Office Ultimate 2007, got it through uni for £40, I have disc so could I install this on my new PC or would I have to buy grossly over-priced new one? Was going to get PC guy to set whole thing up for me as I really don't know enough about computers to do it myself. Budget £1500 - £2000, but not really issue, just need something that can be updated so it won't be useless in a couple of years and will do exactly what I need, so any advice please please please greatly received.

  Totally-braindead 00:12 14 Mar 2008

Well if you just want it for office work etc and have no interest in games you can get a very fast PC for much less than that. And with some places you can still get XP.

For example click here dual core processor add a monitor and there you are, choice of Vista or XP and it has 2 gig of RAM which is enough for either operating system and even a decent graphics card, well pretty decent so you could if you wish play games. If you really want quad core processor then click here again add a monitor.

One thing worth mentioning. I saw a post last week about Novatech and someone was not too pleased that they got no windows disk and he had bought Vista. I queried Novatech and they told me that if you buy an XP computer you get the disk as before but if you buy Vista them if you want the disk Microsoft charge them about £29 to supply it. So you can get the disk at time of purchase but it costs extra.

If you bought a Dell then they too don't come with a disk its a common thing you are expected to create your own when you get the PC. Most manufacturers are the same.

Novatech are my favourite company as they have excellent customer service and thats why I used them as example but for that budget theres so much choice I don't know where to start.

Remember to budget for a printer and if you'll be printing a lot a laser is much cheaper to run than an inkjet and a black and white one starts at about £50, or you could even get a colour one.

  katkins 00:28 15 Mar 2008

I would also consider a refurbished model like I have done, from a highly reputable outlet such as Dixons, Currys or PC World. They are under the same groups of amalgamated companies, but still independent so their prices will vary too.

You can add extra ram later, if desired. Funky Giraffe, UK are very moderately priced. I have bought 4 varying modules from them since December last. All of them installed and work without any glitches.

Some actual manufacturers and possibly Dell do refurbished too, but are usually fairly pricey. A refurbished model can be as little as 3 to 6 months old. They are also covered for a year with an extended cover option again which I signed up to with mine.

I take it, you would prefer to stick with a desktop?

By way of an alternative example, I bought a refurbished Packard Bell XP Home, 60gb memory, 512 ram laptop from Dixons 13 months ago, for my sister. No problems have arisen with it so far.

Why do you think you might need to get Windows Vista aside from your comment about hearing it tends to suffer from glitches?

Windows XP Home and Professional can perform pretty well every task a student would require of an Operating System and are going to be supported for another five years beyond their normal expiry date, apparently. In some cases, Microsoft do this if there is a big enough public demand like they did with a few of the Win 98 series. That's why I won't bother looking at Vista for a few more years yet.

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