Advice please on home network setup

  lixdexik 22:58 01 Apr 2004

I am thinking of puting a home network together.
One of my two daughters will be starting Uni in October and I was thinking a laptop puter would be of some use to her and as her birthday is comming up soon..I thought she could have the laptop in her room linked with a wireless connection to this puter in the back room...That way I could still get onto this site and ask questions... while she studies..

Question ONE...Is there a problem with the laptop presumably running win xp and this computer running win 98 (original not se and untouched by updates)..To update this machine to xp is not an option as it is to slow a spec for xp, but it speeds (well sort of speeds) along on 98.

Question TWO...Can the wireless system be plugged into a USB1 hub, which is what this machine has?.

Question THREE...would the laptop require its own AV and Firewall software, or would it be protected as its connection to the net is through this machine which is av & firewall protected?.

Question FOUR...assuming this can work at all, would it be easy to add a second laptop to the network??

My existing spec for this machine is Soyo SY.5EHM super 7 MoBo, win98, AMD k6/2 500hz processor. 300mb ram. a two port pci usb1 card. 512kb cable modem on a pci network card. Norton Internet security 2003. I think that is all the relevent spec.

Thanks for taking the time to read this lot...Cheers Lixdexik.

I have just noticed its getting late so I will look back in the morning...

  Forum Editor 23:16 01 Apr 2004

would be to buy a wireless router and plug the cable modem into it.

Then get a wireless network adapter for your computer - either internal PCI or, if you're not keen to open up the case, an external USB model - either type will work well.

Get a PCMCIA card type adapter for the laptop, although a new one may come with a wireless adapter already fitted.

1. Connect the router to the modem.

2. Connect the laptop to the router, using the USB cable that comes with the router.

3. Follow the instructions to set up the router.

4. Install the wireless network adapter software on both the laptop and the PC BEFORE you connect the adapters.

5. Fire up both computers and watch Windows detect the adapters and install the software.

6. To network the computers, run the home networking wizard on the laptop (Windows XP), and when it asks you if you want to make a floppy disk for use on other computers say yes. (always assuming you have a floppy drive in the laptop - if you don't you'll have to skip this).

7. Insert the floppy disk in the PC and start it. Follow the prompts to set up your network.

N.B. - all computers on a home network must have the same workgroup name - accept the default MSHOME unless you have a reason not to.

The router will automatically establish the connection via the modem whenever it's switched on.

  Lozzy 23:17 01 Apr 2004

Question 1. No probs what so ever.

Question 2. Yes

Question 3. So long as laptop is connected as a workstation and the Win 98 PC is the Server then no Firewall is required but an AV program is very advisable and strongly recomended

Question 4. Yes very easy to add to the network.

  Forum Editor 23:20 01 Apr 2004

Yes, you can easily add another laptop - just repeat the network adapter installation routine and use the networking wizard floppy to add it to the network.

The advantage to using a wireless router is that any computer can access the internet without any of the others having to be switched on - there's no 'host' machine. This means that each computer must have its own firewall and AV software installed - although some routers (not all) have their own inbuilt firewall.

  lixdexik 23:39 01 Apr 2004

Thanks FE & Lozzy It looks like it should be no problem. FE thank you for your detailed discription and instructions..Much appreciated.

Cheers Lixdexik.

  keenan 02:23 02 Apr 2004

for ref.

  Spindrift 09:07 02 Apr 2004

Me too

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