Advice please AVG 8.5

  littlestan 07:56 23 Mar 2009

Hi everyone - I have searched on the forum but can't immediately find any advice so could someone advise please on the new AVG 8.5 as my PC keeps telling me the old versin 7.5 is about to be killed off! I have resisted in downloading any new versions until now as there has been quite a bit of negative reaction to AVG's recent new version so has anyone hit problems with this latest one and have they ironed out the problems people were experiencing. I have to do something sooner rather than later, so, as always, your advice would be invaluable.

I run a simple bog standard laptop with Vista and also have installed all the usual freebies suggested on this site. I hope the new AVG doesn't gobble memory as I have not got lots. If AVG is not a goer what would you suggest and how do I get rid of AVG and select another freeby. Sorry! questions questions, but this silver surfer need their hand held a bit!

Many thanks everyone


  birdface 08:19 23 Mar 2009

I could be wrong but I think that is the pay for version.I have AVG 8 which I believe is the free version.

  birdface 08:26 23 Mar 2009

Oops.looks like you are right.
click here

Normally you would get an automatic update but it does not look as though it does it with this version somehow.
Looks like I will have to remove mine and update to AVG 8.5 as well

  littlestan 08:33 23 Mar 2009

thanks buteman - is it ok with vista do you think? and if i am to hit problems what should i look out for? and can i undo??

many thanks

  littlestan 08:35 23 Mar 2009

oh and also, will it download automatically when the message comes up or do i have to remove 7.5 first? sorry to bombard with these questions!

  anchor 09:05 23 Mar 2009

I was in the same position last week. I had previously had problems with the later version of AVG, (and from postings here so had a number of others).

Having seen favourable comments about the free Avast, I decided to completely remove AVG and install Avast. No problems whatsoever.

  birdface 09:09 23 Mar 2009

I removed AVG 8 with this tool.

click here and then downloaded AVG 8.5 which was a bit slow.
Best bet would maybe to download but not run Avg 8.5 and save it to my documents.Then run it from there when you have deleted 7.5 version.
Not got vista so can't comment on that.

  littlestan 09:43 23 Mar 2009

Thanks both very much. I think I might go with Avast as seen quite good reviews from other forum members and will uninstall AVG. However, having a quick look at Avast I see it is free for 60 days and then you have to redo? Is this a problem/catch to get you to pay for its service?

Also should I uninstall first and then install Avast (or similar) very many thanks?

  BRYNIT 09:50 23 Mar 2009

If you have installed the free edition all you need to do is register it click here

  Pamy 11:09 23 Mar 2009

AVG 8.5 is not the same as AVG8 FREE

  Sea Urchin 11:22 23 Mar 2009

Correct Pamy - it is AVG Free 8.5

It's merely an upgrade version of AVG Free 8 - I downloaded over 8.0 and as part of the installation it removes 8.0

click here

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