Advice please

  MICKY BOY 10:38 16 Sep 2006

Hi All,

Have just had to reformat my computer for the second time in 2 years due to various reasons.
Two things I would appreciate advice on.
1. Does anybody know of a software or site that could scan my computer and update all the drivers for the various hardware reinstalled.
2. I am thinking of buying an external hardrive to back up all my data as I use the computer. As each time I reformat I have to spend hours reinstalling. Any suggestions before buying one.

Advice on the two questions would be much appreciated.



  johnnyrocker 10:41 16 Sep 2006

i seem to read on here from time to time about back up products and from what i read acronis true image afaik takes a full snapshot of the system at any one time and can be used to restore computer full within minutes apparently.


  johnnyrocker 10:41 16 Sep 2006

fully that is.


  ArrGee 10:48 16 Sep 2006

This maybe of some help
click here

  Jackcoms 10:49 16 Sep 2006

"Advice please"

That's what we're here for - to provide advice and help.

Thus, I advice you to read the Forum rules click here which require you to provide a title to your thread which actually describes your problem.

This helps Forum members in the future when using the search function

  rawprawn 10:54 16 Sep 2006

click here will back up your HD to a secure partition it can make within it(Secure Zone)all you do if there is trouble is hit F11 on boot. The ONLY problem with that is if your HDD is completely shot, but you can also backup to a slave HD or an external HD.I use alternate methods on a weekly basis
I would recommend True Image to anybody.

  anskyber 10:55 16 Sep 2006

Acronis True image will do the back up for you as johnnyrocker suggests. It also copies your operating system which is very useful. I use it with an external HDD.

Looking at the general drift of your thread it looks as if you should clean things up and update first, Acronis will back up whatever is there so rubbish in and rubbish out. I assume you are running the usual OS updates and you have suitable anti virus , spyware and firewall in place. If not then that is a good place to begin.

  MICKY BOY 11:34 16 Sep 2006

Thanks All for you advice, much appreciated

Anskyber I have all the top anti-virus, spy ware and firewall etc in place and pay yearly to update. The first time my computer failed was when an engineer called to fix a problem and renewed the hardrive saying it was at fault, only to find out at a later date it was a faulty internal modem causing the problem.
Recently the same engineer could not fix the problem so has reformatted the hardrive leaving me to reinstall. Needless to say I will not be using him again.

Jackcoms. Apologies I was not aware of that rule, and was unable to refer to both questions with one heading.

Once again all of you thank you for your advice.



  wee eddie 15:10 16 Sep 2006

There is little point in using Acronis, or any other of the imaging programs for that matter, as when you reinstall your image. All the old problems will still be there in the restored image.

  johnnyrocker 15:25 16 Sep 2006

dont quite understand that wee eddie, surely if machine gets cleaned up an image is then taken of the cleaned up version how would not restoring image overwrite any subsequent probs?


  wee eddie 17:11 16 Sep 2006

It does what it says on the packet.

If you clean your system and then take an image - fine.

If you take an image, reinstall windows and then do an Acronis restore. You will restore all the problems you had before.

Acronis is accepted as a great Recovery Tool, but it does recover what you had before, not what you would like to have had.

I use Dantz which has most of the same problems and have never, yet, had to do a restore. So won't know how effective it is until I do.

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