advice with photo quality printers please!

  JEFoord 23:53 07 Jul 2003

I have just bought a sony digital camera (5mp) and found the need for updating my 4 year old hp printer. I have tried to research what is the best printer i can get to give me excellent photo quality prints and i think i am settled on an epson. i have between £100 and £200 to spend and have found places where i can get the 915,925 and 935 in this price range. can anyone tell me if they think it is worth my while spending the extra on the higher priced models. print speed is not a deciding factor for me. i just want the best quality i can get. any advice would be very welcome.

Many thanks


  woodchip 00:01 08 Jul 2003

They are all good but I think you would find the C82 good enough. I do not think you would see any difference, I have a Old Epson 680 and it does Digi Pics Ok for me

  tamc98 09:21 08 Jul 2003

I have an Epson Photo 830 which does a vey good job and can be found for about £90. Remember though that replacement cartridges are expensive for these if you want to use genuine epson ones.
If my budget had stretched far enough at the time I would probably bought a canon s750. Images are even better and the thing make a lot less noise than my Epson.

  Filch 13:23 08 Jul 2003

Have a look at the Canon line. Any of the 4 or 6 cartridges models should do the job. The S520 if you can find it in the UK is excellent, as is the S820.

  JEFoord 00:04 09 Jul 2003

Thanks for taking the time to respond to my question on printers. I must say that i am quite confused now! I have read in magazines that cannon printers leave feathering on black parts of photo print outs. I want my pictures to look as good as possible because they will mainly be pictures of my children which i want to print at 10" x 8". the idea is to stop having to pay pros £15 a time and do it myself instead. Waht do you think would give me the absolute best quality even if ink is expensive? surely thre more you pay, the better the quality? Any more advice on this would be very welcome. Thank you. John.

  Nosmas 01:28 09 Jul 2003

When my Canon BJC620 developed a fault that was uneconomic to repair, I spent a considerable time researching for a replacement printer. I was fortunate in finding two or three people on this forum who were willing to make a print on their machine from an image that I emailed to them and to post the prints to me. This enabled me to compare the quality produced by different printers from the same image, rather than rely on manufacturers sample prints of different images.

Eventually I settled on a Canon S520 and have been extremely pleased with both the quality of photos and also the black text for letters etc. I bought the printer in March 2002 from Simply click here for £136.30 (inc. VAT). That model may by now have been superseded by another (haven't been looking at the printer market recently) but IMHO Canon do produce very good printers. The thing I particularly like about their printers is that the inks are in separate cartridges for each colour, and therefore one can use every last drop of ink, whereas with tricolour cartridges the whole cartridge has to be replaced when one colour runs out. The S520 has the ability to make borderless prints and can be set to perform duplex printing of text - i.e. printing on both sides of the paper.

If it would help you to decide on a printer, I would be willing to make a A4 print on my S520 from one of your own images and post it to you. If you are interested, please email me by clicking on the envelope at the side of my name.

  Bodi 09:24 09 Jul 2003

I'm an HP fan regarding inkjet printers. I have an HP 1220Cps A3 printer, which is robust, economical, very, very quiet and gives me good photographic quality prints.

I have used Epson, Canon and HP and definitely prefer the latter.

Have a look at the HP Deskjet 5550 which come well within your price range and has had extremely good reviews.

Hope this is of help.


  slimpickins 09:29 09 Jul 2003

Argos is selling the HP 7550 for £150, it was a good printer at full price (about £240?), click here .

  Holographic_man 10:01 09 Jul 2003

try this click here and a free tin of cookies to boot!
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  Filch 14:03 09 Jul 2003

Why is computer equipment so expensive in the UK? Above a price of £136.30 is given for a Canon S520, in the US the price is $99.99 ($104.99 with 5% tax)! The other day I priced a Minolta film scanner at just over £300, in the US it is just over $300 (taxes not included).

  toxin 15:16 09 Jul 2003

In my family we have an Epson, an HP95c(I think), and I myself have a Canon BJC8200, which is now 3yrs old.

The Canon will knock spots off the others as regards Photo quality, if you use the correct media.

I have been using compatible cartridges for about 18 months now, and have not had any problems, apart from maybe more frequent nozzle cleaning.

As a retired printer, with some 50 yrs experience in colour printing, I was persuaded to buy the Canon by a Canon rep. who showed me a print of a photo of some jewellery; the detail and gradation were exceptional, something I would have been proud to achieve in my working life!

Hope this hasn't put the cat amongst the pigeons and confused you even more, Toxin.

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