advice on peer guardian

  bobbybluenose 22:38 22 Apr 2008

hi anyone familiar with peer guardian or do you know of a better download i use p2p a lot and would like to upgrade to a good p2p protection o/s xp also ccleaner spywarebaster devender avg

  Earthsea 23:07 22 Apr 2008

p2p is naughty, and you shouldn't do it.

  bobbybluenose 23:12 22 Apr 2008

earthsea what do you mean by naughty

  mrwoowoo 23:29 22 Apr 2008

What a silly generalised statement.
You might as well say downloading is naughty.
P2P is a fully acceptable way of downloading large files,especially if you have a slow conection.
As game demo's get bigger,P2P is handy if you get disconnected,as you can resume again where you left off.There is lots of legal software to share on the P2P networks and this is certainly not naughty,as you put it or illegal.

  Earthsea 23:35 22 Apr 2008

You're quite right, I'm sure nobody ever uses it for illegally distributing copyright material.

How silly of me to think such a thing.

I'm sure you and bobbybluenose would never dream of it.

  mrwoowoo 23:57 22 Apr 2008

Don't be stupid.
Downloading copy right material is illegal, however you download it.You certainly don't need P2P to do it,although their netwoks are full of it.
P2P is just a tool that can be used for legal and illegal purposes.It's not P2P that is naughty,just the way some people use it.
Driving a car whilst drunk,with no lisence or insurance is illegal.That doesn't mean every one that drives a car is naughty and shouldn't do it,or is doing so illegally.
And please don't use sarcasm, which is bordering on slander.

  bobbybluenose 00:02 23 Apr 2008

mrwoowoo thanks ,earthsea no way just for my sport cancelled sky and setanta saving £70,00 a month for a £4.75 one of payment for life just watching the pennies . cheers bobby

  Earthsea 00:09 23 Apr 2008

Why are you sounding so defensive?

  mrwoowoo 00:12 23 Apr 2008

Why can,t you admit your first statement was wrong?

  bobbybluenose 00:40 23 Apr 2008

Earthsea sems to have all gone quiet eeeemm

  mrwoowoo 00:43 23 Apr 2008

I was thinking of starting a thread in speakers corner entitled "is p2p naughty".(O:!

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