Advice for new network please

  Alan H E 18:41 09 Oct 2006

On ground floor have new PC with NTL ethernet connection. 2 floors above (in loft conversion) have old PC running W98se &no ethernet card. What is the best type of networking for this situation? Would also like to have printer sharing if poss.
Any & all advice gatefully received also can you give any idea on cost. Will probably buy from Novatech as they are local to me.

  Danoh 22:04 09 Oct 2006

The cheapest and most reliable would be to run a wired network connection all the way up 2 floors, and especially as its running an old W98se operating system.

If you have the slightest possibility of having a 3rd computer at any time in the future, it's worth getting a router ~ peer-to-peer between 2 PCs can become a bit fraught.

Such are the economics of mass production, that you will find it cheaper to buy a bog standard wireless router which allows you to turn off the wireless aspect, for around £50.

A PCI Ethernet card is less then £10 and ethernet cables ought to be less then £ 5.

Printer sharing is cheapest done be connection to a PC which has to be switched on for the other PC to be able to print.

Getting your existing printer to connect directly to the network would require;
a) a more expensive router or
b) a separate printer-server "box", again more cost, or
c) a new printer which has a built-in network card.
On top of that, you will need to configure your network for the printer setup.

Hope that has helped a little?

  Alan H E 23:00 09 Oct 2006

Thanks Danoh - perhaps I should have explained that the partition walls on ground & 1st floors are brick (old house) & stairs not very convenient for cable. Someone suggested networking but I don't want this to be a major project cost wise.
How about the plug in the power circuit types? Any good?

  Danoh 00:46 10 Oct 2006

I don't have experience of the electrical wiring ring modulation devices but another forumite "rsinbad" does. He’s recommended it a couple of times but I can’t find his posting.

Wireless reaching vertically up can be overcome by having the router's aerial(s) horizontal so the doughnut-shaped "zone" stretches upwards. Expecially if you position the router well. However W98se does not have the WiFi capability that W-XP SP2 does.

Trailing a cable through walls, floors, staircases is not my idea of fun either, but it is undoubtedly the most reliable and secure. I cheated with pre-N MIMO in an older property as well, but not in the loft (as yet!!)

  Alan H E 12:40 10 Oct 2006

Thanks Danoh - I will leave this open for a bit & see if anyone has experience of the electric wiring solution.

  Danoh 00:16 14 Oct 2006

Another thread where "Home plugs" have been successful click here

  algernonymous 12:51 20 Oct 2006

Hi, I'm the thread mentioned above, I bought 2 14mbps eConnect homeplugs from for 48.76 inc p+p (which arrived the following morning) then, after some advice from this forum, a router for 29.99 from maplin. I had a PC downstairs (XP) and one upstairs (98SE), all I had to do was load the drivers using the CDs provided and that was it. I did have to fit an ethernet card into the XP machine but if you can use a screwdriver this is a simple task. So I would recommend homeplugs.

  algernonymous 12:56 20 Oct 2006

I should add I already had an ethernet card but if you order one with the homeplugs it comes to £52.83 inc.

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