Advice for new Intel Motherboard I5 build

  Audio~~Chip 15:35 17 Aug 2010

lost for choice with too many options, I need to run WinXP Pro but also need to make sure it will be compatible for Windows 7 in another year or 2.

Not really interested in SLI or RAID. I am puzzled if USB 3 & SATA 3 are really worth it.

I like ASUS & Gigabyte board and prefer a Intel Chipset. Have read the H Chipsets are not too good something to do with onboard graphics which I don't want.

Any ideas or pointer or recomendation please, price not too much of a problem.

  ashleycardwell94 20:28 17 Aug 2010

no matter what you buy these days, in a year or two, there will be better. SATA3, if you were thinking of using an SSD then ok, but a HDD, remember that these have their own limits. USB3, if must ok, but remember for maximum advantages, you need a USB3 compatible device, and i think the connector is different too. Im not sure if they will do PCI cards with USB 3 on them but if you think you want it in the future and not now, look for PCI cards with it.

  Audio~~Chip 23:50 17 Aug 2010

So that chucks SATA 3 & USB 3 out the window for me agree on what you say.

Thinking of something like Intel I3 or I5 based for motherboard socket

  keef66 11:29 18 Aug 2010

USB 3 is worth it if you plan to do regular backups to a USB 3 external HDD; so much quicker than USB 2. However, you can already buy USB 3 expansion cards, so it's not a biggie.

SATA 3 is not so compelling, unless you're trying to build the fastest thing on the planet.

If you're planning to use a graphics card, then go for a board without integrated graphics; no point in paying for something you won't use (although it could be useful in diagnosing a problem with your graphics card)

  Audio~~Chip 12:18 18 Aug 2010

If I got a USB 3 & SATA 3 Motherboard, would by USB 2 or even 1 & SATA II work ok with the motherboard as to say is the v3 types backwards compatible ?

  keef66 12:54 18 Aug 2010

Yep, both are backwards compatible. The USB 3 ports are a different shape but are designed to accept USB 2 connectors (but then obviously work at USB 2 speeds)

  Audio~~Chip 13:54 18 Aug 2010

Now I need recomendations on which are good Intel Chipset motherbaord. Confused what makes a good intel chipset motherboard I see these H or P ones its a bit daunting and big puzzle to me.

  Audio~~Chip 16:45 18 Aug 2010

Intel I series socket motherboard ?

  keef66 17:16 18 Aug 2010

I'm sure they are all good. You need a P55 (no integrated graphics) or a H55 (with IG) motherboard. Both socket 1156.

Look on Ebuyer or Novatech, choose your favourite brand / price / feature set.

Curiously the H55 boards seem to be cheaper than the P55's, so maybe you should ignore my earlier comment about paying for integrated graphics.

  Audio~~Chip 21:25 18 Aug 2010

I was leaning towards the P55, Intergrated VGA would seem a waste of extra resources as I prefer a dedicated PCI-Express.

Will look at the Asus & Gigabyte offerings, i also like Ebuyer & Novatech used in the past.

Thank U

  Audio~~Chip 22:11 19 Aug 2010

will have to do my own homework and take the risk. Though a big thanks to ashleycardwell94 & keef66 for some important points drawn to my attention.

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