Advice on a new graphics card.

  stebull77 23:07 02 Mar 2009

I would like to upgrade the graphics card in my PC. At the moment iam using an nvidia 7600gt which has served me well but its starting to struggle as newer games are released.
I only play games occasionally and i dont have a big budget, a maximum of £100, less if possible!
I have been looking at the nvidia 9 series card and have notied the 9400 and 9500 cards are cheap, is this because they are hopeless or would either of these be suitable?
Also, will i need more power? My current psu is 420watt.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  woodchip 23:14 02 Mar 2009

Will it fit and run on the Motherboard you Have?????

  woodchip 23:16 02 Mar 2009

Will it fit and run on the Motherboard you Have?????

PS if the Graphics is long in the tooth, the motherboard may also be

  Why wont it work 23:21 02 Mar 2009

If you could tell us the spec of the rest of your pc, specifically the processor and the amount of RAM that would help us advise you better. (ie there is no point having a good graphics card if your processor is too weak).

  stebull77 23:22 02 Mar 2009

The pc is new , i thought id save money by getting one without a graphics card and use the one from my old set up. bit of a mistake really.

  stebull77 23:26 02 Mar 2009

the processor is intel quad q6600 and i have 4gb ram. the card works fine, its just that i have to lower the setting when i play games.

  woodchip 23:37 02 Mar 2009

It sounds like its onboard Graphics, you need to know what Graphics slot is in the Motherboard if any and what it will support

  stebull77 23:47 02 Mar 2009

graphics slot is pci express x16. will it not support all of the latest graphics cards then?
Just for extra info, motherboard is foxconn G31MX series.

  Why wont it work 23:52 02 Mar 2009

With an Intel Core 2 Quad and 4gb you're set for anything really- that can handle any graphics card without too much worry, providing your pc has a pci-e slot.

If you could push it, click here this would do. It would certainly last you a while to come and is an excellent card.

Failing that the Radeon 4670 has been reviewed most favourably. You can cheaper models such as click here but if you're willing to pay a bit more you can get a version with slightly faster RAM.

The Nvidia equivlents (Nvidia 9800 or 9600 I believe) would be just as good. I haven't mentioned any specifically simply because I'm not particulalry familiar with Nvidia cards. I don't think that the Nvidia 9400 or 9500 would be a sufficient enough upgrade to justify the cost personally though.

  stebull77 00:01 03 Mar 2009

to "why wont it work".

any particular reason you prefer ati cards to nvidia? Ive read other threads that tend to favour ati.

  Why wont it work 01:13 03 Mar 2009

There is not any particular reason to be honest, it's just person preference. Both Nvidia and ATI produce some good cards. I just like the fact that ATI release new drivers once a month whereas Nvidia sometimes seem to drag their heels a little and it can be months between updates. However, this should not really be a reason to avoid Nvidia- I just have an obsession with keeping things up to date and ATI keeps me happy on that front :)

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