advice on new desktop for uni please

  bobbybrain123 00:13 16 Jun 2009


I am going back to university in a few months and need a new desktop to replace the dinosaur I have at the mo.

My budget is max of £500 - am going to use it for internet, ripping/burning cds, using office software, main game I play is football manager 2009. I also like games such as Dawn of War 2 and C & C Red Alert etc. but if these were to increase the price of the pc by a lot then I can live without them...

I have basic knowledge about computers but get confused by graphic cards, processors etc. I would like my new pc to last a few years if possible.

Any advice much appreciated


  mole44 05:21 16 Jun 2009

i`ve just paid £299 for an Advent machine from pc world £399 with monitor.Quad core 500Gb disc and vista home premium e.t.c., i run flight simulator X on it with no problems.Yes i was surprised as well what good value for money it was.only downside was on board graphics,but as it runs FSX ok who cares.

  Clapton is God 09:31 16 Jun 2009

If you're planning to use it at Uni, a laptop might be a better idea.

You can then use it in your room, in lectures, sitting out in the sun on campus and, most importantly, easily carry it when making visits home.

  bobbybrain123 19:52 16 Jun 2009

Thanks both for your inputs.

Clapton is God - I won't be staying on a campus or 'visiting home' as this is my 2nd time round at university (don't need to live in halls!). As such I wouldn't say I need a laptop, although when I look around in high street shops the best deals do seem to be for laptops...

Can anyone please give me a couple of examples of specs I can realistically achieve within budget?


  recap 20:35 16 Jun 2009

click here for online Comet deals

click here for online PC World deals

Also, check with your University to see if they offer MS Office for students cheaper than anywhere else. The Uninversity and Colleges in my area offer MS Office for just under £40, that's for the full product.

  ztronicsalien 12:18 20 Jun 2009


I would say that now days lots n lots of options are available you can have anyone of them as per your specifications.

You can visit few of these to look out for the options:


  Kevscar1 15:18 20 Jun 2009

There is no way you should buy a computer from ebay, to many rip-off merchants and even if you are lucky and find an honest one you will still have great difficulties should anything go wrong.

  user8 17:35 21 Jun 2009

Go to staples who are offering good deals at the moment.
My sister has just bought a great Toshiba laptop for £399.

  damen1786 01:48 23 Jun 2009

look here click here for a guide on how to build your pc, if your smart enough to be going to uni im sure you can build your own pc ;)

  Kaacee 14:03 25 Jun 2009

For a desktop try Cougar

  bobbybrain123 21:16 26 Jun 2009

hi all

Apologies, I've been away for last week or so...

Thanks for all your help, I've got a friend who knows about computers and he says he can build one for me.

Once again, thanks

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